At the meeting of the LRS on 13th March 2019 our good friend Winnie Stevenson from the Museum of Communication presented "Phantasmagoria, a traditional magic lantern show". 

Winnie has two magic lanterns. The older, lit by an oil lamp, dates from the 1880s and was on show. The one she used for her presentation belonged to the Roslin Band of Hope and dates from 1906, now with an electric lamp. After a quick introduction to magic lanterns, the talk followed the format of a traditional lantern show starting with a Travelogue, a Victorian and Edwardian journey down the River North Esk and around Edinburgh. We saw the Forth Rail Bridge under construction, and visited London and Yosemite National Park in California. The talk ended with a story and moving cartoons suitable for children of all ages.

On 27th Feb 2019 Norrie Stewart GM1CNH gave an illustrated talk on Amateur Radio Operating in Colombia as HK3/MM0BMG.

Having travelled to Colombia many times since 2010, in 2018 he decided to take some radio equipment with him. This is how he got on...

Self-taught in Amateur Radio while at school and first licenced in 1983 with a class B licence GM1CNH. In 1997 passed the 12 wpm Morse test and gained a class A licence MM0BMG. Worked in the aerospace and defence industry since 1986 on airborne fire control and surveillance radar systems for various fixed wing and rotary wing platforms.

At the meeting on 13th February 2019 LRS member James Gentles GM4WZP talked about "Munros on the Air". 

Long before SOTA (Summits on the Air), Amateurs were out on the Scottish hills activating them. Whilst James Gentles GM4WZP wasn't first, his story is of the first Amateur to systematically activate every Munro in the 1980s, making at least one QSO from each of them, using repeaters if necessary. He was accompanied on many of these climbs by his fiancee, Lyndsay.

As well as a nostalgic look back at the trials and tribulations of this radio marathon he reviewed the highs and lows of line-of-sight propagation and 'the little lifts' (both radio and otherwise) that made it possible to activate all 277 Munros.

With some statistics for the numerically-minded as well as a summary setting the achievement within the modern day concept of SOTA, the talk was a radio and photographic tour of Scotland.

Photo credit - Es'HailSat

The AMSAT Es'Hail-2 satellite was launched in November 2018 into a geostationary orbit. At the date of this talk by Dr Brian Flynn GM8BJF (23rd January 2019) it was not yet available for use as an Amateur Radio transponder while its exact position and operating parameters were being finalised, but it was possible to receive beacon transmissions from it. Brian described the set-up that he had already used to receive it, as a second mini-talk at this meeting, after his talk: "Modern Roll-Your-Own Printed Circuit Boards" which is reported  as a separate item (below) on this website.

LRS President, Dr Brian Flynn GM8BJF, a keen constructor and operator of microwave equipment, gave this talk on Modern Roll-Your-Own PCBs" followed by a talk on the Es'Hail-2 satellite, which is reported as a separate item on this website. 

The title of the show was "The Dish on the Dish". It was a comprehensive record of the first moon-landing, from President Kennedy's decision for Americans to be the first to land on the moon, to the successful completion of the mission in 1969 with the three astronauts' safe return to earth. It had been hoped to show "The Russian Woodpecker" but the CD (above) was received damaged. Peter also showed the CD of "The Dish" movie which was shown on a previous occasion. 

Peter writes: "I am going to show a compilation ‘The Dish on The Dish’ which complements the film ‘The Dish’ that was shown two years ago. Pete GM4BYF gave an communications talk about the Apollo XI mission. It is a fitting time to screen this as this is the 50th anniversary of the manned lunar landing. It takes the viewer through the space race to the moon starting with Kennedy’s speech and ending with the splashdown of the Apollo capsule. There is a lot of material that has not been seen before and it is a reminder of the late 60s.

Before the curry, we met at Weatherspoon's Booking Office bar on Waverley Bridge. 



At the meeting on 28th November 2018, LRS President Brian Flynn GM8BJF presented the videos of two talks given at recent RSGB National Conventions.

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