The title of the show was "The Dish on the Dish". It was a comprehensive record of the first moon-landing, from President Kennedy's decision for Americans to be the first to land on the moon, to the successful completion of the mission in 1969 with the three astronauts' safe return to earth. It had been hoped to show "The Russian Woodpecker" but the CD (above) was received damaged. Peter also showed the CD of "The Dish" movie which was shown on a previous occasion. 

Peter writes: "I am going to show a compilation ‘The Dish on The Dish’ which complements the film ‘The Dish’ that was shown two years ago. Pete GM4BYF gave an communications talk about the Apollo XI mission. It is a fitting time to screen this as this is the 50th anniversary of the manned lunar landing. It takes the viewer through the space race to the moon starting with Kennedy’s speech and ending with the splashdown of the Apollo capsule. There is a lot of material that has not been seen before and it is a reminder of the late 60s. 

The following are stills provided by Peter, hopefully, but not necessarily, in the right order!


Following the launch of Sputnik-1 and the landing of the first spacecraft on the moon by the Russians in 1959, President Kennedy pledged that the US would put the first man on the moon.


1969 ABC-News item describing the path of Apollo-11 to the moon, and back.


Construction of the dish antenna which would receive the weak signals from Apollo 11 Command Module circling  the moon.


The three astronauts in preparation for the mission: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins.


The launch of the Saturn-V rocket carrying Apollo-11 from Cape Canaveral went flawlessly.


Thereafter, Mission Control in Houston took over.


"The Eagle" lunar landing craft about to land with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on board, on July 20th, 1969.

Michael Collins remained in the Command Module, orbiting the moon, until the return of the lunar module.


After Armstrong announced "the Eagle has landed", he and Aldrin performed the first moon-walks.


Armstrong and Aldrin returned to the Command Module and Michael Collins after 2-1/2 hours on the moon and returned to earth. They splashed down safely in the Pacific and were congratulated by President Richard Nixon.

Before the curry, we met at Weatherspoon's Booking Office bar on Waverley Bridge. 



At the meeting on 28th November 2018, LRS President Brian Flynn GM8BJF presented the videos of two talks given at recent RSGB National Conventions.

Links are provided below.

Prof. Joe McGeough made a welcome return to the LRS on 14th November to talk about the most valuable contributions that R.V. Jones made to the war effort as ordered by Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Photo: DTH


At the meeting on 24th October David Stockton GM4ZNX (our resident radio genius) attempted to answer any (radio) questions that members were brave enough to ask.


There was a good turn-out from members of the LRS and other local clubs for the first of our two Surplus Equipment Sales of the 2018-19 session, arranged by Pete Bates GM4BYF at St Fillan's Church Hall, Buckstone. 

“The X-Factor – a presentation of the all-singing, all-dancing Linux computer operating system and its relationship to OSX, Unix and Microsoft X” by Karl Weibye.

Karl described an alternative world to Microsoft Windows using the Linux OS, saving money, avoiding viruses, giving problem-free computing and encouraging self-reliance. An important criterion is to have confidence in the product!

Dr Brian Flynn GM8BJF, re-elected as President of the LRS for 2018-19, gave his Presidential Address on 12th September 2018 at the Braid Hills Hotel. The topic was 'Personal Beacons, Arduinos, Raspberry Pi's and Others'. Brian has built and maintained a number of UHF and microwave beacons over the years and upgrades them to newer technologies from time to time.