There was a good turn-out from members of the LRS and other local clubs for the first of our two Surplus Equipment Sales of the 2018-19 session, arranged by Pete Bates GM4BYF at St Fillan's Church Hall, Buckstone. 


Many items for sale came from Silent Key, John Royston Buchanan GM8BYF. 


 More of the many GM8BYF-SK items.


 First seller up was LRS President, Brian GM8BJF.


Then Alan GM3PSP managed to sell virtually all the many items from GM8BYF-SK which he had extracted from a very full attic that afternoon.


 Norrie GM1CNH - "Any money for old guy-rope, anyone"?


 Pete GM4BYF with a very nice variable capacitor.


Allen MM3ZEU with a nice monitor.


Allen's dad, Ken GM4AOR with a (working) cell-phone. 


 Any hairdresser in the audience needing a clipper for tough jobs?


Pete GM4BYF - now for the serious business of the raffle! 


 Peter GM4DTH making sure the tickets were well-mixed.


 Colin GM4EAU was one of the lucky raffle winners.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW - LRS Spring Surplus Equipment Sale will be on 10th April 2019.