Meeting reports for 2019-2020

LRS member Dr Roger Hill, accompanied by his XYL Kath, who contributed to his presentation with information about the training sessions for schoolkids, talked about "Robot Wars + Rampaging Chariots >£0.25m" at the meeting on 12th February 2020. Peter Bennett, the team leader at Selex, was also present, and appears in a number of videos which were shown. YouTube links and availability of construction kits are provided at the bottom.


Examples of the PCBs for the kids' constructional projects.

Pete Bates GM4BYF gave a very interesting talk, with audio examples, of the technique of communication by signal scatter from the underside of an aircraft flying between the two stations. He also showed a number of items of test equipment to enable this technique - frequency standard, frequency meter and spectrum analyser, which are now available at remarkably affordable prices.


There was a turn-out of 15 for the LRS 2020 Video Night, presented by Peter Dick GM4DTH on 8th January 2020 at the Edinburgh Cine & Video Society in Fettes Row. Peter chose two films about the Cold War. 

At the meeting on 27th Nov, John Innes MM0JXI talked about the μBITX Radio - a low-cost HF transceiver kit. 

"John is a member of Cockenzie & Port Seton Amateur Radio Club & the highly successful GM2T contest team. Licensed since the 1980s, he is webmaster at and newsletter editor."  


We had pre-curry drinks at Weatherspoon's Booking Office pub on Waverley Bridge.

In prep - psp

At the meeting of the LRS on 13 Nov 2019 Jack Hood GM4COX, who has been a leading light of the West of Scotland Amateur Radio Society since its inception in 1970, talked about "SOTA & 13cm Escapades". 

Following the successful launch in the summer of 2017 of the introduction of 13cm SOTA to the Scottish amateur fraternity by Andy MM0FMF of LRS & Jack GM4COX, Jack described developments over the last 2 years.

Nick Peckett G4KUX / YA4F

On 30th October 2019 We were delighted to welcome Nick Peckett G4KUX / YA4F from Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham to describe his experiences working in Afghanistan during and after the Taliban government, rehabilitating the telecommunications infrastructure of the country.

Nick opened by mentioning that he had started his career working for Ferranti at Crewe Toll in Edinburgh.

The LRS Autumn Surplus Equipment Sale was held on Wednesday 16th October 2019 at St Fillan's Church in Buckstone. There was a good turnout including visitors from Cockenzie, Selkirk and Glasgow. There was lots of stuff for sale, probably too much for one sale on this occasion! There was also a raffle for some nice "bottles".