Meeting reports for 2019-2020

In prep - psp

Aircraft scatter path from GM4BYF in Edinburgh to M0SAT in Watford.

Position of 737 scatter aircraft shown as red dot halfway, near Manchester.

in prep - psp

Ten members and one guest participated in the 26th LRS Viral Net on 30th September: Colin GM4HWO (Controller), Peter GM4DTH, Briain GM8PKL, Pete GM4BYF, Melvyn GM4HYR, Norrie GM1CNH, Brian GM4DIJ, Alan GM3PSP, Andy MM7MOX (guest), Mike GM8KCS. Colin and Peter reported that the last items (mostly books) from GM3VLB-SK were now being sold. Pete had visited Blackness Castle as a possible portable site, noting that car parking must be booked in advance. Brian's antenna project was progressing but he failed to report on his Clampometer project! He did mention that the GM3WOJ 3cm beacon antenna was now vertical again. Briain's recommendation for the  week: pinot noir! Norrie didn''t mention it, but he has an article in the current (Oct) RadCom p.73 (how appropriate) on using a golf-bag for carrying portable antenna parts - congrats / see news item below. Welcome to guest Andy MM7MOX in Morningside. Pete reported that "Dr" Brian GM8BJF had finally retired from E.U. with the graduation of his last Ph.D student.

Regret no audio recording of Net 26.


There were 9 participants in the 25th LRS Viral Net on 23rd September: Controller Colin GM4HWO, Briain GM8PKL, Mike GM8KCS, Pete GM4BYF, Alan GM3PSP, Peter GM4DTH, Brian GM4DIJ, Norrie GM1CNH, and Melvyn GM4HYR who squeaked in at the end for a quick hello! Colin reported that he and Pete were still working on the disposal of Andre GM3VLB's gear, nearly finished now. Briain had just bought a "clampometer" (or current clamp meter) and had completed his new antenna base. Mike had been busy revamping his antenna feeders which were showing significant losses, but he had worked an EI and a GM in Kintyre on 2m at the weekend. He mentioned a possible portable site near Innerwick and Colin also mentioned one at a redundant mast at Coldingham. Pete had worked several PA0s and a DL on 2m the previous evening plus another PA on 23cm CW. Alan mentioned new items on the website: the Seawater Antenna and the likely re-opening of the Barnton Quarry Nuclear Bunker soon. There was agreement that this would make an interesting visit. Colin has a contact there. Alan would also put up information about the RSGB Convention which will be free and 100% virtual this year with a very interesting program of lectures. Peter mentioned a software bug in the  recording software which is now fixed. Brian was just back from 4 weeks in Galloway. Norrie had been at home, painting, even a few days at work. 


The 24th Viral Net on 16th September attracted 9 participants: Pete GM4BYF (controller), Peter GM4DTH, Briain GM8PKL, Brian GM8BJF (Peebles), Alan GM3PSP, Mike GM8KCS, Mike GM0MMN (guest - Kirkcaldy), Melvyn GM4HYR and Stewart GM4ZOA. Briain GM8PKL reported that his VHF antenna re-build was going well. Alan GM3PSP was called away to answer the door bell rung by his fish-man and that somehow started a discussion on that subject!


The 23rd Viral Net on 9th September had 8 participants: controller Colin GM4HWO, John GM8OTI (especially after he  turned on his PA), Brian GM8PKL, Pete GM4BYF, Peter GM4DTH, Alan GM3PSP, Mike GM8KCS and Brian GM8BJF in Peebles. Sorry, notes lost. Audio recording below. (I suppose I could listen to it all again - psp)!


There was a small but distinguished participation of five in the 22nd LRS Viral Net on 2nd Sept 2020: Colin GM4HWO, Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM8KCS, Pete GM4BYF & Briain GM8PKL, with apologies from Alan GM3PSP. They discussed the preparations for the social weekend at Gatehouse of Fleet next weekend that coincides with several 144MHz contests. Colin had got fuel supplies and was collecting all the items for his field kitchen. On the Friday evening we will all be joining Colin in the Masonic Arms for dinner and lemonade. Peter GM4DTH reported on several equipment repairs and upgrades to his Elecraft K3. Mike GM8KCS reported that he had worked Melvyn GM4HYR/M on 2m over an obscured path of just over 64 miles at Inverkip last weekend. Pete GM4BYF had operated in the 2m contest the previous evening and found the band busy. He worked over 40 stations with the best DX being Beachy Head. Briain GM8PKL told us that his aerial steelwork had arrived from Radio Tower Engineering which had fabricated it for him. He has fitted the wall brackets and will be continuing to work on it. The epoxy resin needs 2 weeks to cure - so see you on Sept 9th!

Many thanks to Peter GM4DTH for this report and the following audio file:


Colin GM4HWO was back in the chair for the 21st LRS Viral Net on 26th August with 8 participants: John GM8OTI, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF in Peebles, Briain GM8PKL, Peter GM4DTH, Alan GM3PSP and Mike GM8KCS. Brian GM8BJF was heard by most using 45 degree slope on his antenna. Colin said he had been clearing out an accumulation of equipment via eBay. John GM8OTI was back on his beam and preparing to go to Gatehouse of Fleet for some portable operation. Pete GM4BYF was working hard on the remining 50% of the Kelso SK items, as well as making improvements to his 122GHz gear. Brian GM8BJF was working on an Arduino upgrade for the GM3WOJ 10GHz beacon. Briain GM8PKL was continuing to work on his antenna project, now awaiting galvanizing of some components. Alan GM3PSP mentioned 3 new articles on the website: lecture on the B2 suitcase radio by AA2YV; GM3WOJ beacon heard via rain-scatter by Neil G4DBN in Goole, Yorkshire; a 10-year-old in Blackpool gets his licence. Mike GM8KCS/M had been near Roybridge / Loch Laggan last Friday and using an IC-706 worked Steve G8BBC at BBC Broadcasting House in London who has a 40m dipole on the roof.