Colin GM4HWO was back in the chair for the 21st LRS Viral Net on 26th August with 8 participants: John GM8OTI, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF in Peebles, Briain GM8PKL, Peter GM4DTH, Alan GM3PSP and Mike GM8KCS. Brian GM8BJF was heard by most using 45 degree slope on his antenna. Colin said he had been clearing out an accumulation of equipment via eBay. John GM8OTI was back on his beam and preparing to go to Gatehouse of Fleet for some portable operation. Pete GM4BYF was working hard on the remining 50% of the Kelso SK items, as well as making improvements to his 122GHz gear. Brian GM8BJF was working on an Arduino upgrade for the GM3WOJ 10GHz beacon. Briain GM8PKL was continuing to work on his antenna project, now awaiting galvanizing of some components. Alan GM3PSP mentioned 3 new articles on the website: lecture on the B2 suitcase radio by AA2YV; GM3WOJ beacon heard via rain-scatter by Neil G4DBN in Goole, Yorkshire; a 10-year-old in Blackpool gets his licence. Mike GM8KCS/M had been near Roybridge / Loch Laggan last Friday and using an IC-706 worked Steve G8BBC at BBC Broadcasting House in London who has a 40m dipole on the roof.  


The 20th LRS Viral Net on 19th August had a small but distinguished participation of 8:  Controller Peter GM4DTH, Briain GM8PKL, John GM8OTI, Alan GM3PSP, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM4DIJ and Mike GM8KCS. Brian GM8BJF (Peebles) was AWOL! Discussion topics included the audio recordings of these nets by Peter GM4DTH which are being linked to the website reports. Briain GM8PKL reported progress in the hardware for his new antenna installation and mentioned a visit by Brian GM8BJF. Alan GM3PSP had visited Brian GM8BJF in Peebles recently and took the photo of him (below). Somehow the discussion got onto the subject of gambling and Las Vegas and various activities in that city. Pete GM4BYF reported that conditions on 23cm had been very poor for the weekly contest the night before, compared with very good the previous week. Brian GM4DIJ mentioned an unfortunate failure of his car's clutch at Gatehouse of Fleet recently. News: not really mentioned, but preparations are proceeding for an informal weekend at Gatehouse for the RSGB 2m Trophy in which only single-operator entries will now be permitted.

Brian GM8BJF in his shack in Peebles taken by Alan GM3PSP during a recent visit.


The participants in the 19th LRS Viral Net on 12th August were: Colin GM4HWO (controller), Peter GM4DTH, Peter GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF (Peebles), Norman GM1CNH, Mike MM0MMN (Kirkcaldy), Brian GM4DIJ, Mike GM8KCS, Briain GM8PKL and Tom GM8MJV in Pathhead.

Most stations commented about the tropical thunderstorm that lasted several hours during the previous evening. GM4BYF reported that the abnormally high lightning rate had briefly enhanced 70cm propagation during the activity contest. He had to cut his activity short when the storm significantly worsened. Mike MM0MMN had suffered from flooding but he saved his washing machine and tumble dryer. Brian GM8BJF had been visiting Chris GM3WOJ and had been focusing and testing his 122GHz equipment. Once set the beam was so narrow walking through it completely blocked the signal. Peter GM4DTH reported working OK1KAI late on Sunday evening on 2m. He also commented on 2m mobile working from Edinburgh through to Dumbarton on the Clyde. Briain GM8PKL was also involved in this experiment taking advantage of his better site. Melvyn GM4HYR/M (Dumbarton) had successfully worked back to Edinburgh earlier in the evening but was not able to join the net. Norman GM1CNH had been investigating how to work round the ‘intelligent’ charging system in his car as it prevented his mobile equipment from working properly. This had hindered his mobile operation when travelling north past Perth for a weekend break. Mike GM8KCS added further details to the report about the trip to Dumbarton. At home he commented on how squirrels had been raiding the bird feeder. Brian GM4DIJ reported domestic activity repairing the tumble dryer and gardening. He had a long chat with GM8BJF after the net had formally closed. Just as the net was closing Tom GM8MJV said a quick hello from Pathhead. Many thanks to Peter GM4DTH for this report in the absence of Alan GM3PSP due to a family invasion from G-land. 


Colin GM4HWO was back in control for the 18th LRS Viral Net on 5th August, with 9 participants: Peter GM4DTH, Alan GM3PSP, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF (Peebles), Mike GM8KCS, Briain GM8PKL, Robin GM4YPL (LInlithgow) and Brian GM4DIJ (back from a month in his caravan near Stranraer, well equipped for a number of radio events). It is still hoped to participate in the RSGB 2m Trophy in September from Gatehouse but with the risk of limitation to a single operator, plus otherwise social activities! Pete GM4BYF reported that he and XYL Kay GM6KAY had just celebrated their 50th anniversary including climbing a number of Munroes - congrats from all. Both Pete and Brian are making improvements to their 122GHz stations, but have not yet worked W! Colin confirmed that after discussion with MoC, the GMRT Scottish Microwave Round Table had been cancelled. Alan again appealed for photos of operators, shacks etc.

The following is the direct link to the first recording of an LRS Viral Net with tnx to Peter GM4DTH for the recording and to John GM8OTI for installing the audio app on the website. This will be done for all future nets. 


Fresh from his 122GHz exploits (see separate activity report) Pete GM4BYF was the controller for the 17th LRS Viral Net on 29th July. Participants were Briain GM8PKL, Peter GM4DTH, Alan GM3PSP, Mike GM8KCS, Norrie GM1CNH, John GM8OTI, Brian GM8BJF in deepest Peebles (now receivable by stations in Edinburgh via his vertical antenna, although not (yet) on 122GHz)) & Willy GM0CII. Topics discussed were the recent GM-GM & GM-G "Firsts" on 122GHz by Brian GM8BJF & Pete GM4BYF, now confirmed by the UK Microwave Group - congrats!. Also the search for a volunteer to run the SCOTIA-SOTA award formerly administered by Andre GM3VLB-SK. Pete GM4BYF is awaiting a response from LOTW to handle GM3HAM/P QSLs. LRS Pub Nights have been cancelled for 2020, & GMRT-2020 - the Scottish Microwave Round Table. 

There were eight participants in the 16th LRS Viral Net on 22nd July: controller Colin GM4HWO, Peter GM4DTH, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF, Briain GM8PKL, Alan GM3PSP, Mike GM8KCS and Norrie GM1CNH. Brian BJF was stronger with several stations after turning his antenna vertical and reflecting off a building to his south.

Brian and Pete both reported progress on their 122GHz project (that's a wavelength of 2.5mm)! Alan mentioned new LRS website items: GM4DIJ's report on his 6m Trophy entry, and the WorldRadioHistory website with links to very many radio, broadcasting and music magazines, found by BJF. Other topics included the "Phantom Jammer" - could this be military as one DF'd location was close to the Castlelaw range?; the Scotia Trophy (possible incorporation into SOTA?); outdoor pubs for Pub Nights and a possible date for return to the Braid Hills Hotel. The larger meeting room would be appropriate to provide spacing but the problem of servery noise remains.

The ten participants in the 15th LRS Viral Net (is it really that number already?!) on 8th July 2020 were Controller Pete GM4BYF, Mike GM8KCS, Briain GM8PKL, Brian GM8BJF in Peebles, Norrie GM1CNH, John GM8OTI, Andy "GM3PYU/P", Peter GM4DTH, Alan GM3PSP and welcome return guest Mike GM0MMN in Kirkcaldy. Brian GM8BJF was slightly weaker than last week and a little difficult to copy, but did make an antenna adjustment which helped.

John and Alan both bragged about their brand-new post-viral haircuts and John even provided a photo - see below. He also mentioned his photos of Comet Neowise which he has sent to club members. Andy "GM3PYU/P" is actually MM0FMF using a SOTA club callsign (I think - psp). Also discussed were LRS hopes for participation in the RSGB 2m Trophy contest from Gatehouse on Sept 4-6, and possible continuation of the Scotia Award formerly run by André GM3VLB-SK. 

John GM8OTI with brand-new post-viral haircut.

There were 9 participants in the 14th LRS Viral Net on 8th July, controlled by Colin GM4HWO: Briain GM8PKL, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF in Peebles. Mike GM8KCS, Alan GM3PSP, Norrie GM1CNH, Peter GM4DTH & John GM8OTI. Brian GM8BJF had rotated his antenna to 45 degrees vertical and was heard for the first time by several stations at about 4&1, a significant improvement! With viral conditions improving gradually and participation laws being relaxed, future events were discussed - a possible Pub Night in August if a suitable beer-garden can be found, an expedition to Gatehouse in the first weekend in September, possibly more for social reasons than a contest score, and a Junk Sale at St Fillan's in October. Pete GM4BYF has been making arrangements for GM3HAM QSLs to be distributed via LOTW as no volunteer has come forward to replace him as QSL Manager. 


GM8PKL's 2m cloverleaf antenna at his QTH on the side of the Braid Hills, with Edinburgh Castle in the distance.