The LRS Autumn Surplus Equipment Sale was held on Wednesday 16th October 2019 at St Fillan's Church in Buckstone. There was a good turnout including visitors from Cockenzie, Selkirk and Glasgow. There was lots of stuff for sale, probably too much for one sale on this occasion! There was also a raffle for some nice "bottles".






OK - let's get started - Pete GM4BYF, Peter GM4DTH, Andy MM0FMF, Colin GM4HWO.


Pete GM4BYF was busy selling SK items from Andre Saunders GM3VLB-SK, whose XYL, Veronica, was present.


Club member Melvyn Bond GM4HYR tries in vain for a 5G signal with a security CCTV camera!

(Actually we think he was just taking a selfie)!


Andy Sinclair MM0FMF with a thingy for holding a printed-circuit-board while working on it.


Norrie Stewart GM1CNH  with a nice roll of tape.


Alan Masson GM3PSP with some North American radio maps.


LRS Treasurer Peter Dick GM4DTH waiting for the raffle to start.


Ken Henderson GM4AOR had a nice TV receiver to sell.


Pete with an antenna mast bracket (and a lot more stuff to sell)!