This lecture was presented at the RSGB 2019 Convention by well-known RadCom author Mike Richards G4WNC, who also happens to be the OM of RadCom Managing Editor, Elaine Richards G4LFM. 

Mike gave the background to the Raspberry Pi series of low-cost single-board computers. These were developed starting in 2012 by Cambridge University to encourage more students to study computer science, whose numbers had been dropping. Manufactured at the Sony factory in Wales, the initial estimate was a need for about 1000 units.  As of mid-2019, more than 25 million had been produced, currently at a rate of 10,000 per week!

Mike described the various versions of the Raspberry Pi and their many applications.

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Mike is also the author of a new book from the RSGB with the same title as the lecture.

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