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 Colin GM4HWO was back as Net 28 controller on 14th October with 7 participants: Mike GM8KCS, Briain GM8PKL, Pete GM4BYF, Alan GM3PSP, Peter GM4DTH and Melvyn GM4HYR. Brian GM4DIJ had sent his apols from Galloway. No sign of Brian GM8BJF this week. Mike reported some necessary repair work on his rotator and that he had had a QSO with former member Toby MM0TSS while visiting Edinburgh. Briain's new antenna installation is almost done. He has just bought a capacitance meter as a mate for his clampometer. Pete and XYL Kay GM6KAY had just done a 12.5 mile Pentlands walk. On 70cm the previous night he had made several aircraft-scatter QSOs well-down into G-land and made a short recording (below) of his QSO with M0SAT (Watford). Click for map. Alan mentioned the Silent Key of former LRS member and HWU professor, Colin GM3LAV, which is posted on this website. He had also received a club membership enquiry. Colin GM4HWO and Pete are continuing with the sale of Andre GM3VLB-SK's equipment with the end maybe in sight soon (only 2 crates to go)! Colin is now very well-known at his local Post Office! Peter had viewed several talks from the RSGB Convention on-line, including one, which he recommended, about transceivers for VHF/UHF contest use. Melvyn, back from a trip to the west coast, was having rig problems. He had just viewed Ice Station Zebra (1968) after many years and noted how primitive the special effects were!                  Audio c/o Peter GM4DTH:





Aircraft scatter path from GM4BYF in Edinburgh to M0SAT in Watford.

Position of 737 scatter aircraft shown as red dot halfway, near Manchester.

Audio of this QSO tnx Pete GM4BYF: