Viral Net 29 on 21st October had 7 participants with Colin GM4HWO as controller: Mike, GM8KCS, Peter GM4DTH, Briain GM8PKL, Alan GM3PSP, Pete GM4BYF and Melvyn GM4HYR. Brian GM8BJF had sent regrets due to local noise out in the colonies in Peebles. Colin and Alan had both worked SOTA station GM6NX/P on Shiehallion on 2m the previous Sunday, with Alan able to give an amazing 59+60 report. Pete said conditions on 23cm had been "dire" the previous evening. Colin & Pete are still selling Andre's books etc on eBay. Mike was working on his HF dipole and an army rig. Peter had had a number of QSOs with local mobiles. Brian had managed to pick up some scaffold poles for his antenna projects from a yard in Granton, and toasted everyone with this week's choice - a Medoc! Alan reminded all of GM4WZP James's attack by a cow at Flotterstone, with hopes for a rapid recovery from his injury (see this page - News). Peter had provided Alan with archival photos of an LRS Junk Sale in about 2000 which have been scanned and put on the website (see this page - News). They include shots of Charlie GM0OYV-SK who had made possible the DF trophy and the Osprey plate for the LRS trophy, by a bequest to the club. Melvyn confirmed that he currently held the DF trophy as the last DF hunt winner. Pete has the Osprey Trophy and there was agreement that we should try to reinstate the competition for it. Alan mentioned that he had informed and Hamcall of Charlie's Silent Key after about 18 years!

Audio tnx Peter: