There were 8 participants in Viral Net 32 chaired by Colin GM4HWO on 11th November 2020: Peter GM4DTH, Briain GM8PKL, Pete GM4BYF, Alan GM3PSP, John GM8OTI, Mike GM8KCS and Brian GM4DIJ. Nothing heard from the Peebles direction.

Peter reported on frequency calibration work he had been doing. Briain and Alan reported on meeting up in the wine aisle (where else?) at Morrisons supermarket. Pete and Kay were recovering from a week on the beach on the Island of Rhodos last week - it's tough, but somebody has to do it! Alan was continuing work with archival photos on the LRS website. Colin hoped to have the work completed on his skylight. Mike had repaired his G5RV antenna and had fitted a balun. He had seen a nice D/F Rx on eBay. Brian had been on CW and out running.

Audio tnx Peter: