The following stations participated in the 35th net on 2nd December 2020: Controller Colin GM4HWO, Mike GM8KCS, Briain GM8PKL, Peter GM4DTH, Melvyn GM4HYR, Pete GM4BYF and Brian GM4DIJ. Apologies from Alan GM3PSP who was preparing for a "nose job" operation the next day!      Report & audio tnx Peter:

Colin was well prepared following the difficulties experienced the previous week by testing his station well in advance of the start time. He had eradicated all the assorted patch cables and replaced them with a soundly engineered solution and this combination worked without any issues during the net. Peter had been working on a common key control for the news transmitters. It will eventually use a Post Office Key and Lamp unit 2A. Mike reported having worked Ian GM3SEK on the isle of Whithorn during the 2m activity contest the previous evening. Briain had also been active in the same contest and worked 30 stations with the best dx being 2M0TMN on South Uist. He had also been rebuilding a rotator in his cellar and had all the greased ball bearings neatly stored. He later found them lying on the dusty ground having been knocked over by an intruding cat. Not to be outdone Melvyn reported that the family cat sought refuge in the wardrobe to escape the domestic turmoil. Pete reported that the 2m contest had been very busy and the band was well occupied. He also commented that he was preparing to give a remote internet linked talk to the Wigtownshire Amateur Radio Society. He tried calling Brian GM8BJF but nothing was heard. Brian had previously suggested earlier that the Lothians should consider trying out this on-line format for a meeting. Brian GM4DIJ reported on the comparison between two can-based aerials for 13cm. The beer can (wrong dimensions) worked well whereas the dog food can (correct dimensions) did not work. To finish off the feline theme Colin returned to recalling a story of a BT engineer returning fifty miles home from his last call. When he looked in the back of his van he found a cat that stowed away during his last call. He then drove all the way back to return the creature to its owner.