In spite of the closeness to Christmas there was a good turnout of 8 for the 38th Viral Net on 23 Dec: Colin GM4HWO (Controller), Peter GM4DTH, Alan GM3PSP, Pete GM4BYF, Briain GM8PKL, Brian GM4DIJ, Mike GM8KCS & Melvyn GM4HYR.

Colin had recently finished his job and was looking forward to seeing sons Stuart and Callum over the holidays. Peter had been busy with Christmas cards and was now looking at MPEG coders and decoders for ATV use. Alan had seen the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction two nights ago when skies were clear. He mentioned a proposal from his old club, the Rochester Amateur Radio Association (RARA) in Rochester NY to exchange lectures with the LRS via Zoom etc and asked for LRS input. (There wasn't much). Pete GM4BYF & XYL Kay GM6KAY had just celebrated her birthday with a meal at the Hawes Inn. He had almost finished testing the valves from Colin and GM3HOQ-SK. The GM8BJF beacon receiver had been improved by Brian. Briain asked for audio reports following some earlier concerns and was told there was no problem. Brian had been on the recent 4m contest after the Wigtown ARS Xmas Quiz. Mike, operating from his shed (shack?),  was very weak at first and came up amazingly to 5&9+50 (at PSP) when he turned on his transverter! He had just bought a 2-way wireless camera. Melvyn had been very busy with his daughter's house move and had not been doing much radio. The net ended with participants cheering each other with conveniently-placed glasses at their desks and agreeing to having net 39 next Wed, 30th December.