Quite a lively Net #42 on 20th January with 9 participants: Controller Colin GM4HWO, Alan GM3PSP, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF at good strength from Peebles with 45-degree antenna, Briain GM8PKL, Melvyn GM4HYR, Mike GM8KCS, Peter GM4DTH, Brian GM4DIJ.

Alan, in 4 inches of snow at Fairmilehead, had had a major computer failure and had to re-load Windows 10 and Office, fortunately not losing any photos or documents. Pete had found 23cm abysmal the previous night - only worked Brian GM4DIJ! A snow-bridge across the driven elements of his 2m beam hadn't helped much. He had finished selling his current batch of valves and was expecting another 100! For Aircraft-Scatter (see Mike below) he recommended Air-Scout for timings. Brian BJF was now running 300W with his refurbished NAG linear from Colin. He had had a long catch-up phone-call with Chris GM3WOJ. He had fixed the 10GHz beacon Rx at GM8PKL Briain was continuing work on the head-frame for his 2m beam with the application of "magic" Galvafroid" coating. Melvyn, located below the snow-line, was mostly busy at his daughter's new house and was particularly enjoying working on the blocked drains. Mike also had sticky snow on his new, improved yagi. He had heard aircraft scatter from a Boeing 777 at Prestwick on a signal from GI. Peter had just got a new body (for his camera) after 10 years, useful for low light-level shots. He had worked Toby MM0TSS mobile today. Colin, running 100W with a new Microwave Modules linear, had listened to the funeral service on-line for Eric Lamb, his old LNC mentor back in 1982 and had heard positive comments about the SK on this website. He was looking out a folded dipole for Bill GM8SQM to get him on this net. He would circulate the e-mail address of George GM4COK in the Phillippines who was anxious to re-connect with his old LRS friends. He is the current web-master for the Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA)Brian DIJ had done little radio, with FT847 problems. He hope to be on the 4m contest tomorrow. E&OE (because I may not be able to read my notes the following morning! - psp).