Another lively net #44 on 3rd February with 10 participants: Colin GM4HWO (Controller), Peter GM4DTH, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF (Peebles), Alan GM3PSP, Mike GM8KCS, John GM8OTI, Briain GM8PKL, Melvyn GM4HYR & Brian GM4DIJ.

Peter reported another QSO with Toby MM0TSS/M. He had carried out tests last Sunday with fellow-GB2RS reader Vic GM3VTB. Pete and XYL Kay had been busy re-decorating Bates Motel. On the 2m contest last night he had 22 QSOs, the best via aircraft-scatter with best DX G3XDY in Colchester. Brian BJF was using a new microphone which all agreed made his signal more readable, not to mention the 300W from his new NAG amplifier. He has been listening on 3cm with an 80cm dish for the HF moonbounce signal from DL3S but N/H yet. Alan said it had been snowing almost continuously at Fairmilehead for two days. He had posted on the website the notice of the first MOC Goudie lecture on on Orkney - Energy Islands  on 20th February.  His "big news" was that he had just had his first Covid vaccination a couple of hours before. Mike reminded people of the upcoming AM HF-6m Rally on 6-8 February, mostly in the USA, and would provide full info for Alan to post. Website: AM Rally Homepage. John was sorry to record the SpaceX rocket crash. He had been busy with his music in Celtic Connections. Briain continued his 2m antenna work at least indoors at the moment., battling centre-of-gravity vs centre-of-windage issues. He had taken his mother for her vaccination and was looking forward to his own. Colin had installed a DC PSU on his bench and had met 'Orkney Bob' GM4CMI at Tesco's and was encouraging him to join this net. Like Alan, he had had several more e-mails from George DU1GM (Philippines). Melvyn continued work at his daughter's new house, building a partition and laundry room. Brian DIJ had worked 25 stations on the 2m contest, the best being G4PLZ in Norfolk, by aircraft-scatter. He had worked 3 stations by reflection off the same aircraft. KST and NEC-5 software were very useful for this. And he had been out running on Corstorphine Hill. E&OE. Audio tnx Peter GM4DTH: