11 participants contributed to a lively net #45 on 10th Feb: Colin GM4HWO, controller, Alan GM3PSP. John GM8OTI, Mike GM8KCS, Peter GM4DTH, Melvyn GM4HYR, Peter GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF, Brian GM4DIJ & Briain GM8PKL.

Alan in the middle of one foot of snow at Fairmilehead, reported that George DU1GM continued to enjoy the reports and audio of these nets. Andy MM0FMF in Livingston regretted that he would have to go up into the Bathgate Hills to participate. Tonight Brian BJF was barely readable, even with his antenna at 45 degrees! John was looking forward to his vaccination on Sunday. As a retired astronomer he was excited by the arrivals of the Mars probes. Mike had had his vaccination. He was hearing Brian BJF very well tonight. Peter's brother's obituary in London had appeared in the Times and Telegraph. He had been photographing Arthurs Seat and the Blackford Hills (including the QTH of Briain GM8PKL)! Melvyn continued work in his daughter's house. Currently his beam is down and will be put back up as a vertical. He had had his vaccination. Pete reported 13 inches of snow, making clearing the sheet-ice on his steep driveway essential! After competing the re-decoration of their lounge he and Kay were looking to purchase new furniture for it. He had re-tuned his (valve) linear but was thinking of getting a modern transistor amp. He had contacted Bob GM4CMI who hoped to join the net soon. Pete's tower was frozen but he worked 19 stations in the 70cm contest including four by the same aircraft-scatter - is this a record? Brian BJF was weaker tonight for most people. He was hoping to hear the moon beacon on 3cm but nothing yet.  Colin had refurbished two folded dipoles to help Bob 4CMI and Bill 8SQM to get on this net. He had sold many valves from 3HOQ-SK. He was looking forward to seeing Robin 4YPL tomorrow for some dental work. Brian DIJ had worked 14 stations in the 70cm contest after fitting a new feeder. Brian  BJF was S7 tonight. He had watched the Wigtownshire club FT8 lecture on Zoom. He had resurrected his 1982 Blue Peter sledge. He was due for his vaccination tomorrow and might run to it! Briain had spent 3 x 2 hours clearing more than 8 inches of snow from his steep drive-way and had concluded that he was no longer 25! Several stations noted the widespread power cut last Sunday. E&OE. Audio tnx Peter GM4DTH.

Note: A = Net; B = post-net rag-chew.