The participants in Net #55 on 21st April were: Colin GM4HWO (controller), Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF, Peter GM4DTH, Briain GM8PKL, Bernie GM4WZG (Dalgety Bay), Mike GM8KCS, Ricky GM0VUY (also Dalgety Bay), Melvyn GM4HYR, Alan GM3PSP, Peter GM0PXV, Brian GM4DIJ.

Pete was busy sorting poles for the upcoming 2m portable contest. He had ordered additional fittings for his main mast at home. He is testing GM4ISM's designs for additional features for 122GHz and is collaborating with him. Brian BJF had reported smoke and flames coming out of a coax feeder with 400W input, probably due to moisture in it! Click for video! Brian is also working on a new 6m beacon for Rosemarkie which he will take to Chris GM3WOJ when completed. Peter DTH had worked Toby MM0TSS/M again today. He had installed a Pseudo Pink Noise Generator to optimise his RSGB GB2RS transmissions. Colin had worked Briain on a hand-held from the Braids (DX). He confirmed he had watched all the MoC Goudie lectures so far, on Zoom. Briain had worked people in the past on the Braid Hills radio towers. He had just worked the IOTA station MS0INT (Stirling club) on the Bass Rock. He sent his 73s to George DU1GM in the Philippines who reads these reports and listens to the audio recordings. Bernie called in briefly to say 73 to everyone, all 5&9, including Brian BJF in Peebles. Mike had also worked MS0INT on the Bass Rock. Newcomer Ricky GM0VUY has been listening to these nets for some time and with a new IC-705 rig he was glad to join in - welcome!. He is also Mobile on SSB. Alan complimented him on his page with photo of the Forth Bridge & noctilucent clouds. (see main report). Melvyn has the family back in the house for a few weeks. He has done some chatting on the radio. He is trying to get an old IC-290 (1980s) to work. It's off-frequency with a missing coil-core. Peter GM0PXV had visited Andy Dignan to get some bits. Brian DIJ worked 16 stations on 4m last Thursday, best was (regular) Tony GW8ASD in Wrexham via aircraft scatter. On Tuesday he worked 5 on 23cm, best was Terry G1LPS in Durham. Brian's IC-970 is now locked to GPS. George DU1GM has since read this & listened to the audio & sends his 73s to all. E&OE. Audio file tnx Peter: