Net #57 participants on May 5th were: Colin GM4HWO (controller), Pete GM4BYF, Briain GM8PKL, Peter GM4DTH, John GM8OTI, Mike GM8KCS, Norrie GM1CNH, Alan GM3PSP and Brian GM4DIJ.

Pete had used a temporary mast for the microwave weekend and worked 15 stations on 70cm, 10 on 23cm but only 1 on 13cm. On 2m last night he worked 40 stations and 13 squares, best DX at 517km. He was working on a computer for next weekend's 2m portable contest. Brian BJF was not on this evening. Briain toasted everyone with Rioja! He had received photos of the recent installation of the 6m beacon GB3RMK at Rosemarkie by Brian BJF and Chris GM3WOJ and would circulate them. He had just bought a CW filter for his FT-736 on e-Bay. Colin would be catering the barbecue at the 2m portable contest at Gatehouse next Saturday with German-style dishes and beer. A table had been booked at the Masonic Arms for the Friday evening. He had installed a 50W mobile rig in his red Landrover. Peter had 2m antennas for testing. He had received C-cells from China. He had worked Toby MM0TSS/M again on his weekly Wednesday visit to Edinburgh, and also Mike on the Erskine Bridge. He requested all LRS expenses claims by the end of May. John was just back from Gatehouse, where he had checked out the Masonic Arms. There was no alcohol served indoors yet. He hoped he might make it for the contest weekend. Mike asked if the 2m antenna height was 54 inches. Norrie had had lunch at the Masonic Arms last Saturday where they had 8 tables outside, serving alcohol. Alan had received photos of the installation of the GB3ANG beacons in 1982 from Chris GM3WOJ and had put them in the Archive section of the website. He mentioned the Silent Key of Danny Begg GM3YXJ of Penicuik, father of a neighbour of his. Brian was complaining of a headache after his Vax-2! He had just bought a new pair of running shoes. On 13cm he had worked 27 stations, all locals. 2m was a damp squib with mostly locals but 2 Gs - G4SZN/P and G4KUX. He could not hear the new Rosemarkie beacon (neither could Alan). George DU1GM / GM4COK had just joined the LRS reflector - welcome! E&OE. Audio rec. tnx Peter: