Only seven participants but an interesting net 64 on 23rd June 2021: Pete GM4BYF (controller), Briain GM8PKL, Peter GM4DTH, Brian GM8BJF,  Mike GM8KCS, Alan GM3PSP and Brian GM4DIJ.

Briain had met Brian BJF for coffee. He had just ordered a 3GHz VNA. His spurii were now under control. Peter had been working on the ventilation system at the ECVS. He indicated that a D/F hunt might still be possible in August but not before. This Sunday GB2RS would be read by Tam in Fife. Pete was recording this net this week. He had visited the QTH of GM8GEC-SK  and had cleared much of his equipment for his widow but some more to be done. He will handle the finances. He had been on 13cm and 9cm on Tuesday. Like the D/F Hunt, the LRS BBQ might be possible in August. Brian BJF (Peebles) was rather weak with most but 5&5 with Pete who relayed that he was selling an R-2000 on Ebay. He asked about KST access for VHF NFD. Mike had heard that Melvyn had a leak problem with his boat at Inverkip. He had worked Cornwall at 59+ on 40m. Alan had asked about the D/F Hunt and BBQ. He had just posted a joke photo on the website which he hoped people would like. Brian DIJ had worked 4 DL stations on 4m on Thursday and a total of 21. QRN was down on that band. On Tuesday he was on 13cm and 9cm with a new feeder to his dish. 3 stations on 13cm including a G8/P in IO84 and G8MJD and GM4JIJ on 9cm. E&OE. Audio tnx Pete BYF this week.