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Six participants plus one post call-in for LRS Net 65 on 30th June 2021: Pete GM4BYF (controller), Brian GM4DIJ, Mike GM8KCS, Alan GM3PSP, Melvyn GM4HYR, Peter GM4DTH and Alan MM0VPM. Apology from Colin GM4HWO who was busy preparing for VHF NFD. Nothing heard from Brian GM8BJF in Peebles. There was some discussion of final preparations for VHF NFD which are not recorded here.

Pete was ready for VHF NFD and XYL Kay GM6KAY would also be coming. There had been no contest on Tuesday (5th Tuesday of month). Problems with his 3cm gear had mostly been solved. Otherwise doing hill-walking and gardening (122m hedge)! Brian had been out running (hot!) and also doing gardening. On 4m on Sunday he worked 8 stations including GM8KCS/M (DX at 12km), and G4PLZ in Norfolk (via aircraft scatter). He had made measurements of VHF band noise. Mike complained about traffic pollution problems, especially in Salamander St, Leith. The Irish beacon had been coming in well. He had worked Toby MM0MMS/M on 145.350 SSB. Alan PSP regretted that he would not be at VHF NFD and asked for people to take plenty of photos and send them to him for the website. He wished all participants well and toasted them with a dram of Glenrothes malt! Melvyn called in remotely from the West coast and was a good signal from his transmitter in Corstorphine. He admitted that he had never actually been to Galloway (contest location)! Peter had continued to be busy with the ventilation system at the ECVS. He missed a couple of overs when Norrie GM1CNH arrived with some boxes of gear. Alan MM0VPM (Dalkeith) had been listening to the net and called in at the end to say hello. E&OE. Audio recording tnx Peter: