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For those not D/F-ing, LRS Viral Net 69 was held on Wed 28th July, controlled by Colin GM4HWO, with Michael MM0MSU & XYL Sarah MM0TXN, Briain GM8PKL, Peter GM4BYF, and Peter GM3HAM/P D/F hunt Fox station.

Michael & Sarah joined us from Niddrie using a VHF folded dipole & FT-290R running 3 watts but a good signal. Pete's PAT van has suffered terminal turbo failure and is being replaced by a RED POSTMAN PAT (Peugoet Rifter Van) next week. Pete and XYL Kay have enjoyed 2 hols in Norfolk and Fife recently with great weather. Pete will not be on the LRS net for a few weeks now due to has choir duties on these Wed evenings. A LRS BBQ at his QTH still under review. Briain is focussing on caring for his mother but considering a further clover leaf aerial upgrade shortly. Colin is focussing on work and selling the GM8GEC-SK collection. Peter, operating GM3HAM/P, called in a few times to update on DF Hunt progress and advised Melvyn had won. (See separate report). Tnx Colin for net report. Tnx Peter for audio rec made by the D/F Fox!