LRS Viral Net 73 was held on Wed 25th Aug 2021 with participants Colin GM4HWO (controller), Alan GM3PSP, Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM8KCS, Briain GM8PKL, Brian GM4DIJ & Brian GM8BJF (Peebles).

Colin was awaiting delivery of a 5-element beam for 2m. He would unfortunately not be available for the Christmas Curry. Alan said that the Braid Hills Hotel had confirmed all our meeting dates (see schedule on this website), starting with the AGM next Wednesday, 1st September (note - 1st Wed of month). He thanked Brian BJF for fixing his TS-2000 rig. He had just bought an 8-element 2m yagi from Colin and hoped to get it up soon, replacing his 4-ele for 6m. Peter was recovering from a cold. He had worked our good friend Ray GM4CXM in Glasgow earlier in the day. He would not be available for the AGM but would provide his financial report. He hoped to visit the BHH shortly to pay all of our room charges for the year in advance. Mike was sweltering in his (wooden) shack! Earlier in the day he had worked a lighthouse station in Hamburg on 40m. Briain was enjoying his new IC-9100 which includes 23cm. In a QSO with Malcolm GM3TAL they had discussed French restaurants and HF antennas. Brian DIJ had worked 13 stations in a 4m contest last week. Best Dx was being G3TBK/P in IO93 at 373km. Before the contest he heard the 4m beacons EI4RF and GB3BUX. On 13cm last night he only made 3 QSOs with Best Dx being G8KPD/P in IO85 at 112km. He was busy building a new 14-element beam for 70cm portable work. Brian BJF called in but was very weak. E&OE. Audio tnx Peter: