LRS Viral Net 68 on Wed 21st July was the smallest-ever with 4 participants: Alan GM3PSP (controller), Mike GM8KCS/M with passenger Peter GM4DTH, and Briain GM8PKL 

Mike and Peter called in from near Bathgate after spending an enjoyable day on the west coast with Melvyn GM4HYR on his boat. They had sailed "doon the watter" to Inverkip. Unfortunately Ailsa Craig was not visible. Olherwise, Mike had been busy with aerial maintenance. Briain had received the "exciting new RF gear" that he mentioned two weeks previously; a new spectrum analyser with a 10.1 inch colour (and touch-screen) display. Alan had uploaded to the website a Silent Key for Syd Rowden GM6SR (d.1977)! including photos of his Top-Band 1850kHz crystal which belongs to Brian GM4DIJ. Someone suggested that Syd in his early days before WWII might have operated on a 100MHz (3m) amateur band but there was some doubt about this (never heard of it)! Also 50MHz and 56MHz. E&OE. Audio rec unlikely as recordist Peter was in Mike's car!

For Net 67 on 14th July 2021 the participants were: Colin GM4HWO (controller), Peter GM4DTH, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF, Briain GM8PKL, Mike GM8KCS, & John GM8OTI. Apols from Alan GM3PSP (aerial problem).

Colin had enjoyed the trip to Gatehouse for VHF NFD. He had plans for an HF antenna. He was working with Pete on the sale of GM8GEC-SK items including a very early Sharpe PC. Peter was now OK to run the D/F Hunt on 28th July, starting at the Tardis. He was still busy with the ventilation system at the ECVS. Currently he was baby-sitting Norrie's budgie! He had worked Toby MM0TSS/M in the morning. Pete & Kay were back from enjoyable trips to the Peak District and Norfolk where they had plenty of exercise and food! But he had had a disaster when taking a photo - he fell backwards into a river and drowned his Lumix camera. His PAT van was not well, with sounds of a belt slipping. VHF NFD had gone well, hopeful for the Restricted Section. The Fells Group had been hit by lightning and lost their antennas. Pete had been on the 70cm contest and worked 27 QSOs and 10 Locator squares. People had not been taking advantage of the many aircraft available for scatter QSOs. He had received a new barbecue for his birthday and was checking the rules for the LRS BBQ on 12th August. Brian was not audible to many but Pete relayed that he had been nursing his friend Bruce in Edinburgh after falling off his bike. Briain was enjoying his new digital spectrum analyser. He had plans for new antennas including end-feds. Mike had visited his son Michael MM3MDB, now living in Durham. The trip included a steam traction engine rally. His cat had escaped through an open window onto the roof. He also had plans for some wire antennas. Like Peter he had worked Toby MM0TSS/M in the morning. John  was using a loft-mounted halo antenna. He enjoyed his trips to Gatehouse for cycling and portable operation in the hills, with a 13cm one planned soon. He had just had to replace his 20-year-old caravan there with a younger one. Also doing a bit of music and scanning family wedding slides. E&OE. Tnx Peter for audio recording:


A small but interesting post-VHF-NFD Net 66 on 7th July with participants Colin GM4HWO (controller), Peter GM4DTH, Alan GM3PSP, Briain GM8PKL and Mike GM8KCS.

Colin said that VHF-NFD at Gatehouse had been enjoyable in spite of the mixed Wx. The Friday evening meal at the Masonic Arms had been rather regimented but pleasant. On Saturday people had bought carry-outs or cooked their own dinners on-site. He had produced special pancakes. He had operated the 2m station which was well-engineered. Peter's net signal was rather weak and he was unable to find the problem during the net. He was rebuilding his station after the contest! He had enjoyed a phone call from Tommy GM4DCL who had mostly been doing Short Wave Listening recently. Alan regretted not being at NFD but thanked Colin and Peter for their photos and Pete and Mike GM4IGS for their input for the report which was now up on the website. On Briain's suggestion, he would consider using B&B to attend next year's event. Briain was expecting delivery of some "exciting new RF gear" tomorrow! Mike had had an interesting QSO with Graham MM0GHM, a Conductor on the Royal Scotsman train (see below). There was discussion of a possible D/F Hunt but no conclusion. LATER: DF Hunt will be on Wed 28th July. E&OE. Audio rec. tnx Peter:

MM0GHM photo courtesy


Six participants plus one post call-in for LRS Net 65 on 30th June 2021: Pete GM4BYF (controller), Brian GM4DIJ, Mike GM8KCS, Alan GM3PSP, Melvyn GM4HYR, Peter GM4DTH and Alan MM0VPM. Apology from Colin GM4HWO who was busy preparing for VHF NFD. Nothing heard from Brian GM8BJF in Peebles. There was some discussion of final preparations for VHF NFD which are not recorded here.

Pete was ready for VHF NFD and XYL Kay GM6KAY would also be coming. There had been no contest on Tuesday (5th Tuesday of month). Problems with his 3cm gear had mostly been solved. Otherwise doing hill-walking and gardening (122m hedge)! Brian had been out running (hot!) and also doing gardening. On 4m on Sunday he worked 8 stations including GM8KCS/M (DX at 12km), and G4PLZ in Norfolk (via aircraft scatter). He had made measurements of VHF band noise. Mike complained about traffic pollution problems, especially in Salamander St, Leith. The Irish beacon had been coming in well. He had worked Toby MM0MMS/M on 145.350 SSB. Alan PSP regretted that he would not be at VHF NFD and asked for people to take plenty of photos and send them to him for the website. He wished all participants well and toasted them with a dram of Glenrothes malt! Melvyn called in remotely from the West coast and was a good signal from his transmitter in Corstorphine. He admitted that he had never actually been to Galloway (contest location)! Peter had continued to be busy with the ventilation system at the ECVS. He missed a couple of overs when Norrie GM1CNH arrived with some boxes of gear. Alan MM0VPM (Dalkeith) had been listening to the net and called in at the end to say hello. E&OE. Audio recording tnx Peter:



Only seven participants but an interesting net 64 on 23rd June 2021: Pete GM4BYF (controller), Briain GM8PKL, Peter GM4DTH, Brian GM8BJF,  Mike GM8KCS, Alan GM3PSP and Brian GM4DIJ.

Briain had met Brian BJF for coffee. He had just ordered a 3GHz VNA. His spurii were now under control. Peter had been working on the ventilation system at the ECVS. He indicated that a D/F hunt might still be possible in August but not before. This Sunday GB2RS would be read by Tam in Fife. Pete was recording this net this week. He had visited the QTH of GM8GEC-SK  and had cleared much of his equipment for his widow but some more to be done. He will handle the finances. He had been on 13cm and 9cm on Tuesday. Like the D/F Hunt, the LRS BBQ might be possible in August. Brian BJF (Peebles) was rather weak with most but 5&5 with Pete who relayed that he was selling an R-2000 on Ebay. He asked about KST access for VHF NFD. Mike had heard that Melvyn had a leak problem with his boat at Inverkip. He had worked Cornwall at 59+ on 40m. Alan had asked about the D/F Hunt and BBQ. He had just posted a joke photo on the website which he hoped people would like. Brian DIJ had worked 4 DL stations on 4m on Thursday and a total of 21. QRN was down on that band. On Tuesday he was on 13cm and 9cm with a new feeder to his dish. 3 stations on 13cm including a G8/P in IO84 and G8MJD and GM4JIJ on 9cm. E&OE. Audio tnx Pete BYF this week.



The participants in Viral Net 63 on 16th June 2021 were: Colin GM4HWO (controller), Alan GM3PSP, Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM8KCS, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF, Norrie GM1CNH, Briain GM8PKL and Brian GM4DIJ.

It included some discussion of plans for VHF NFD which are not recorded here. 

Alan had made some small updates to the website. Peter had been busy at the ECVS. He had worked F6HZZ in JN23 in southern France on 2m using only his vertical antenna. He had been pleased to see one of his old photographs of noctilucent clouds  used on a recent Sky at Night programme. Mike had been busy with car problems but had operated his 25W PRC-320 army rig mobile using an 8ft vertical antenna. Pete was on 23cm the previous night but kept his antenna low due to wind. He made 14 QSOs including G8CUL in IO91 Oxfordshire. He would send his audio recordings of tonight's and last week's nets to Peter. He would be working on GM8GEC's equipment for possible sale and would send any archival material including photographs to Alan. Brian BJF was fairly readable on his first over but weaker on the second and the recordings are not very good. He had tried but failed to work DL0SHF (n/h) on EME (moonbounce). Norrie invited people to a curry in Corstorphine on Saturday evening. He had just bought a Lithium panel from Amazon. Briain had now solved the problem of spurii on his FT-736. He had also fixed his wireless network problems with a new WiFi6 which was working fb. Colin's blue LandRover had failed its MOT due to a wheel bearing. Otherwise, he had been working too hard! He had found a 1980s GM8GEC QSL card in his "1980s" box and would send out a scan of it. Brian DIJ had just bought a new TV. He had decoded EI4RF on 4m. On Tuesday he had worked 8 QSOs on 23cm but it was hard going and no aircraft scatter. E&OE. Audio tnx Peter & Pete..



The participants in the very interesting Net #62 on 9th June were: Colin GM4HWO (controller), Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF (Peebles), Alan GM3PSP, Melvyn GM4HYR (remote, from Dumbarton), Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM8KCS, Brian GM4DIJ, Briain GM8PKL (squeaked in at the end).

Pete was on 23cm and 13cm on Sunday, fairly disastrous, but worked a few on 23cm, and G3XDY on 13cm, then his preamp failed! On Tuesday there was extended tropo on 70cm right down the east cost to Norfolk. Difficult to find space but he worked 40 QSOs. Best DX was G3SED near Portsmouth. He worked I.O.M. on tropo over the Pentland Hills. He was now working on his 10GHz gear with 14W output power. VHF NFD planning was going well - check-sheet soon. Brian BJF was readable by most. He was working on spurii from his FT-736. His antenna was now fixed  Alan missed last week's net due to family visit to celebrate daughter's 50th birthday. He mentioned an article in the EEN on the Barnton Quarry Nuclear Bunker and would post on the website. He asked to clarification on possible D/F Hunt and barbecue. Melvyn was a very good signal from Dumbarton - via a remote link to his station in Murrayfield! Peter had checked his frequency calibration and had a back-up station for VHFNFD with panoramic display etc. He had dropped in to the Braid Hills Hotel where they hope to be able to hold LRS meetings again in the autumn. A date for a D/F hunt might be Wed 14th July - tbc. Mike had visited a customer near Biggar yesterday and managed to work Briain who was in West Linton on 40m. Brian DIJ was now back after a month in Galloway where he had been busy in all the relevant contests from a site above Stoneykirk. Unfortunately Internet access was very poor there. He only worked 2-3 stations each on 23cm and 13cm. Running 2W on 3cm from Port Logan he worked GI6ATZ. George Burt GM3OXX (SK) set the 3cm world record in 1976 from nearby Portpatrick when he worked G3BRS/P in Cornwall. Colin had met Bob GM4CMI at Tescos who had a 4m beam for sale, which Alan would put on the website. Pete concluded that a BBQ would not be feasible for a while. Briain called in at the end for a quick hello to everyone. E&OE. Audio tnx Peter.


The participants in Net #61 on 2nd June were: Pete GM4BYF (controller), Briain GM8PKL, Mike GM8KCS, Peter GM4DTH, Colin GM4HWO, Malcolm GM3TAL (Dunfermline) & Brian GM8BJF (Peebles).

There was a subdued air to this net as several participants had attended Jack GM8GEC’s funeral earlier in the day. (See SK report on this site).

Pete reported that on Monday he had worked Denmark and Sweden on 70cm by tropospheric propagation. He then described his annual task of cutting a long boundary beech hedge. He also noted that, as health restrictions were still applicable, the barbecue would have to postponed. Briain was investigating significant spurious emissions from his Yaesu FT-736. Power supply noise was the cause and substitution provided a cure. He commented that Denmark was just audible on 2m with a vertical omni aerial. Mike was running 200W for Brian’s benefit. He commented on the excellent service of Icom’s service department both from a commercial user’s and an amateur’s viewpoint. Peter suggested that the DF hunt could be held at the end of the month. Colin was sorry that he was unable to attend the funeral. He reported that Danny GM6CMQ was available for VHF NFD. He was looking forward to VHF NFD and had started his preparations. Malcolm was running 1W QRP from some older equipment and could receive Brian from Peebles at 51. He then changed rig and ran 5W. He had carried out some work on his classic TR3 car and took it out during the good weather. Initially Brian was heard by some of the stations on net. However, the gremlins that had been plaguing Brian over the months attacked again and he almost disappeared completely. Brian’s signal level at GM4DTH’s location varies from week to week from unreadable to 52, this week he was unreadable. All other stations were at a good strength. GM4BYF will provide a recording of Brian’s over and that will be edited into the net recording making it a composite. Report & audio tnx Peter.