12th Aug 2022 - Cockenzie & Port Seton Mini-Rally

Good LRS turnout at the Cockenzie Rally.

Ken GM4AOR, Pete GM4BYF, Bob GM4CMI, Colin GM4EAU, Peter GM4DTH, Norrie GM1CNH, Bill GM8SQM. Also Present: Colin GM4HWO & Alan GM3PSP.

10th Aug 2022 - LRS Pub Night 3 at Wee Bennets Bar.

A very good turn-out this week and a special welcome to Andy Dozier, a friend of Brian GM8BJF, visiting from Otisco, Indiana.

Peter GM4DTH, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF, Andy Dozier SWL. 

LRS Viral Net 99 - 20 July.

Colin GM4HWO (c), Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM8KCS, George GM4COK/DU1.

Recording tnx Peter GM4DTH:



Wed 13 July - Pub Night 1

at Wee Bennets Bar, Morningside.

Peter GM4DTH & Colin GM4EAU.

Peter had a beer. Colin preferred French water!


LRS Viral Net #98 - Wed 6th July

Recording soon.

Colin GM4HWO (c), Brian GM8BJF, Alan GM3PSP, George GM4COK/DU1, Peter GM4DTH, Norrie GM1CNH, Nathan MM3MDH (Dalgety Bay).

Brian (Peebles) had not been at VHF-NFD due to a family visit. He was now working on a remote unit for the power on/off switch for the Edinburgh rig to save power! Colin had missed VHF-NFD due to Covid. He had cleaned his relays. He would miss the September net while on holiday in Tenerife with his son. Alan was looking for VHF-NFD reports. He was looking forward to his daughter Sheila's wedding next week to her American high-school sweetheart. George had been on 6m listening for DX. He was also listening on the aero band and local 2m with a 2m/70cm collinear on the roof. A lot of lightning could be heard on 6m, very bright flashes about 25km away, with thunder rumbling about 80s later. Peter was working on the 2m entry for VHF-NFD (119 QSOs). The event had been undermanned and tough going with poor Wx on the Saturday but better on the Sunday. Pete's 70cm station had suffered from water in the coax feeder. Colin's usual breakfast bacon rolls were missed! They had enjoyed unusually large portions for dinner at the Masonic Arms! Norrie had camped at VHF-NFD with his son Andrew. Photos were being sent to Alan for the website report. Nathan called in from Dalgety Bay to say hello.

LRS Viral Net #97 22nd June.

Pete GM4BYF (c), Briain GM8PKL, Mike GM8KCS/M, Peter GM4DTH, Norrie GM1CNH, George GM4COK/DUI.

Recording tnx Peter GM4DTH:




There was an excellent turnout of 18 for the LRS BBQ on 15 June at "Bates Motel" (QTH - GM4BYF / GM6KAY). 

Back to "Bates Motel" for the LRS 2022 Summer Barbecue.

(Participants were advised to have their shower before coming).

8th June 2022 - LRS Annual General Meeting

AGM:  attendance about 10 incl. 3 on Zoom.

President Colin Wright GM4HWO reported a good year of meetings post-Covid. James GM4WZP and Colin GM3EAU were thanked for providing Zoom facility. Viral Nets to continue on Weds while there is interest. GM3HAM/P will enter 3 contests this year. Meetings planning started - James GM4WZP.

Treasurer Peter Dick GM4DTH reported good financial year with 25 memberships and 2 good surplus equipment sales. Additional meetings expense of £141 p/a for Zoom will be reconsidered at end of year as Zoom attendances are now dropping. Membership to remain at £20 / £10 for now, but room hire expected to increase.

Entire committee was re-elected.

Committee to to consider awarding the LRS Osprey Trophy to Colin Murray GM4EAU for winning the RSGB 2022 Constructors' Contest (Software category) with his WATT (WSPR Analysis & Transfer Tool) software. 

Click for AGM report.