LRS Meetings at Braid Hills Hotel during Covid-19 Pandemic:

The hotel has confirmed there is no limit to numbers in our meetings apart
from room capacity. However, be aware we will have the windows open to
make sure there is good ventilation. Please dress accordingly!
8.00pm sharp.
The meetings will begin at 

It would be wise, especially considering the age demographics of our
members, that only fully vaccinated people attend the meetings. Also we are
aware that some people will be reluctant to attend in person as they watch
how things progress as we more and more leave lockdown conditions. With
that in mind we will be broadcasting the meeting on Zoom. We also to intend
to do this for the first few meetings.

If you wish to attend the Zoom session, please ask for an invitation by

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.