Viral Net #76 on 29 Sept 2021.

Colin GM4HWO (controller), Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM8KCS, Pete GM4BYF, Briain GM8PKL, Melvyn GM4HYR.  Report & audio recording tnx Peter GM4DTH:

Peter reported that he had acquired a new television camera to replace his tape based camera. Its main advantage was that it could use the same lenses as his SLR camera. To complete it he had just received a microphone bought on ebay and attached to the camera. On the radio front he, along with others, have been receiving aeronautical beacons above 300kHz. He reported that Toby managed to receive some dx beacons during a dip in QRM at his QTH in the west.

Mike has been helping his son move back to Edinburgh from Durham. This has involved a number of trips when he operated mobile on HF. On a recent trip he worked a special event station in Gleneagles which had a high quality signal. This demonstrated how well HF mobile could be. To complement the Lothians last talk which was about building a replica Sopwith aircraft. He recalled how his father was an RAF airframe mechanic who had chatted with another group working on old bi-plane aircraft. He has also an interest in the beacons and has been using his 'Nova Pal' DF receiver. On the subject of receiving he has also been following a net that specialises in military equipment.

Pete commented that his reception of the Zoom stream of the last talk about replica aircraft was rather flakily. He made a few constructive suggestions on how to improve the zoom delivery for future talks. He then remembered that he will be presenting the next talk! He had been away from home in Greece. When he got home he meet with his family. They had gone hill- and coastal walking. Whilst in the area he met Chris GM3WOJ. He noted that the junk sale will need to comply with the same health restrictions as the church.

Briain has been working on his radio transmit audio. He has a new Lewitt microphone connected to a DBX286S with which he can tailor the audio for best quality. This combination was in service for this net and it does sound good.

Melvyn has been away from home and had missed our meeting. He commented how he found Zoom presentations tend to be easily corrupted. He had been spending time repairing his car replacing the alternator. On the subject of e-mails he said that he does not receive any Lothians e-mails and hopes that the problem can be resolved.

Colin commented about the Lothians last talk which was about building a replica Sopwith aircraft. He had taken a break from work and spent a few days in the Peebles area where he met up with Brian GM8BJF. He is now counting down he days until he retires.

And finally after the net closed a number of stations said hello to George DU1GM / GM4COK who listens to the net recordings from the Philippines.