Precis: An explanation of WSPR, the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter protocol (pronounced Whisper) used to measure antenna performance and investigate radio propagation in near-real-time. The theory and practicalities were explained, followed by the steps required to observe WSPR traffic and to build and operate a WSPR station. The construction of a practical and simple standalone WSPR station was demonstrated using low-cost DIY modules. The author’s station was shown. Finally, two amateur- led applications for WSPR were outlined: tracking high-altitude balloons around the planet in real-time, and investigating aircraft flight paths with an update on recent research on the missing HM370 flight over the Indian Ocean.

In addition to ten attendees at the BHH, this talk was also received by six members via Zoom. 

AND - click to view the Zoom recording of the lecture (available for 365 days).

Colin Murray GM4EAU








Colin's WSPR unit was passed round the audience.


After his talk, Colin was thanked by LRS Secretary, Andy MM0FMF.


L-R: Brian GM8BJF, Peter GM4DTH, Melvyn GM4HYR, Mike GM8KCS.