The Lothians Radio Society held a Mini-Lecture Event on 11th May 2022 at the Braid Hills Hotel, chaired by James Gentles GM4WZP, with 10 present plus 1 on Zoom & 7 speakers.

Ed Bain GM4AIS and James Gentles GM4WZP checking the Zoom set-up.


          James introducing the event.                        First speaker was Pete Bates GM4BYF on                                                                                                       "Starting in Amateur Radio".


Pete showed the RSGB membership certificate of Jack McVicar GM8GEC-SK.



John Cooke GM8OTI talked about My First Rig - a 2m FM transceiver.

Click for link to full description.



 Andy Black MM7MOX showed an aerial insulator from a German shipwreck off Lorne.



Peter Dick GM4DTH had a little black bag containing a miniature communications receiver.



     James talked about  "Under Pressure - My Homemade Aneroid Altimeter" as used on his many SOTA expeditions. It has a height accuracy of 1 metre asl !                                         


Alan Masson GM3PSP talked about the R1155 Rx which Ian Sheffield GM3VEI is looking for. By chance Alan found an advertisement in a 1948 Wireless World bought at the recent Junk Sale and e-mailed it to him. Ian wondered if they still had any in stock!


Alan also showed a photo of his own R1155 which he had 'modernised' in the 1960s with white paint, to the horror of several R1155 afficionados!



Last, Melvyn Bond GM4HYR with a Spitfire bullet & casing, converted to a cigarette lighter!


Melvyn was judged to be the winner and was awarded a bottle of wine by James.