There was an excellent turnout of 18 for the LRS BBQ on 15 June at "Bates Motel" (QTH - GM4BYF / GM6KAY). 

Back to "Bates Motel" for the LRS 2022 Summer Barbecue.

(Participants were advised to have their shower before coming).


 Vic GM3OWU & Alan GM3PSP.


 Roger, John GM8OTI, Kath (XYL-Roger), Marwyn (XYL-John).


 Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM8KCS, Melvyn GM4HYR, Vic GM3OWU.


 Colin GM4HWO, Robin GM4YPL & XYL Liz.


Brian GM4DIJ & Brian GM8BJF.


Peter GM4BYF, Peter GM4DTH & Kay GM6KAY.


 The Wx remained dry & pleasant for the entire evening.


 Colin GM4HWO, Robin GM4YPL & XYL Liz, Brian GM4DIJ, Brian GM8BJF.


 Melvyn GM4HYR demonstrating his drone to Peter GM4DTH & Mike GM8KCS..


 Melvyn's drone safely landed.


 Host Pete GM4BYF.


 Night drawing in - Brian GM8BJF, Colin GM4HWO, Mike GM8KCS.

Many thanks to Pete and Kay for another great LRS Barbecue.