Colin's talk was about his journey into Amateur Radio, his time at Leith Nautical College, his time at sea, including the two trips that he made in the role of the traditional radio officer, and the move to Electro Technical Officer (ETO) / Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS) ~1995.





Colin thanked Pete GM4BYF who, as a near neighbour at the time, persuaded him to get his licence 






Colin's class at LNC. He is in the middle at the rear. 




 Eric Lamb gave a very interesting talk at the LRS a few years ago.

(We'll try and find it).




Colin's first ship.







Colin's second ship.




My how it has changed since Colin went there almost 40 years ago!


(That's not Colin)!


The crew were mostly from India.


The role of the traditional Radio Officer.

This changed greatly after 1995.








Colin showed a number of "good reads" describing the role of the Radio Officer.


Colin showed this video, with sound track in Gaelic, fortunately with sub-titles! 


 Colin's favourite morse-key.


Many thanks for a great talk!


Colin's first crystal set book and the kit he built from it.


A ship's clock, showing listening periods (green) and silent periods (red).


Colin's favourite Morse key which he still treasures!