There was an excellent turnout of 30 including many visitors, for the spring surplus equipment sale. Lots of interesting items sold in a meeting that lasted just over 2 hours in the hall of St Fillan's Church in Buckstone. The items for sale included 6 crates of good-quality items from a Silent Key sale. The LRS takes a small commission of 10% of the sale prices but many items were donated to club funds.


Members and guests settling down for the start of the sale.


Dr Brian Flynn GM8BJF described the long history of the 1296MHz (23cm) beacon GB3EDN in Edinburgh and its various upgrades over the years.

Malcolm Hamilton GM3TAL talked about running HF stations when grid / mains electricity is not available. He has been taking part in contests from locations around Scotland and the UK and from overseas for many years now and this talk described how he has operated using batteries, generators and solar panels.



     Dr John  Cooke GM8OTI                                                      James Gentles GM4WZP

47½ years ago NASA  launched two Spacecraft - just. There was political opposition, no money, and once grand talk of a grand tour had faded to a murmur. They couldn't even decide a name - Pioneer, or with days to launch, it was renamed:



Andy talked about the single-band QCX Mini transceivers from QRP Labs. He discussed design and construction of these kits and their use for SOTA operation  (Summits On The Air).

Click for SOTA website.


The LRS 2024 Video Night was held as usual at the Edinburgh Cine & Video Society.

There was a turnout of 13 in the screening room after tea, coffee and biscuits.

Photos by Alan GM3PSP, Colin GM4HWO and the waiter!


Christmas lights in Princes St Gardens.


The evening started with pre-drinks at The Booking Office bar (Colin's favourite)  beside the Waverley Station.



Peter GM0PXV, John GM4JRT, Peter GM4DIJ, Grahame GM4UPB,

Colin GM4HWO, Bob GM4CMI. 


22 Nov 2023 - Borders Amateurs' Secret Contribution to Bletchley Park - Bruce McCartney GM4BDJ & John Struthers GM8CVN.

There was an excellent turnout of 21 for this very interesting talk by Bruce McCartney GM4BDJ via Zoom from Langholm, with John Struthers GM8CVN present at the LRS meeting at the BHH.

Bletchley Park's WWII activities have been much written about since material became declassified, but the operation was far more pervasive than many realise, like the radio amateurs who spent the war as SWLs. The material  collected was sent to BP, or destroyed for security reasons.

Bruce, assisted by John, has used material, recently come to light, which should have been destroyed, from wartime SWLs in the Borders who were listening for the state, not for pleasure. From this evidence they have written the story of the Borderers' contribution. 

                          Bruce GM4BDJ                                    John GM8CVN (at the LRS meeting)

This talk is based upon the book "The unrecorded story of Border Radio Pioneers and WW2" (click)

See also the website of the Borders Radio Pioneers (click)