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Slides available below but videos delayed due to large file upload challenge!



Colin Wright GM4HWO had a great turn-out of 22 members and visitors for his second Presidential Address, which was prepared with a lot of work by James Gentles GM4WZP and Colin Murray GM4EAU, and input from Alan Masson GM3PSP, Brian Flynn GM8BJF and Peter Dick GM4DTH.


Demo: Eddystone EC10 transistorised Rx and home-brew valve Tx for 2m as used for GM3PSP/P on West Kip hill in the Pentlands in 1966.



Colin Wright GM4HWO gave his second Presidential Address on "VHF & UHF Contesting , Past & Present". 

 Our good friend Chris Tran GM3WOJ has been a keen contester for many years and now edits the Contesting page in RSGB RadCom.





How did we get to this position?


 Norrie GM1CNH & Peter GM4DTH.


 A modern contest station employs state-of-the-art equipment.




 The LRS contest station GM3HAM/P has been operated for many years from an excellent site on a hilltop near Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries & Galloway. This was originally used by well-know contester and RadCom contributor, Tom Douglas G(M)3BA.


Map showing location of this site.

There is a clear take-off to the south over the Irish Sea


 Location data as used in contest exchanges.







 Operators: (it's them again!) Norrie GM1CNH & Peter GM4DTH.


 Danny Robson GM6CMQ


Modern rig: Elecraft K3 with Kuhne 144 Transverter.


 Modern rig: ICOM IC-9700




 All the components of a modern contest station.




Two typical 240V AC power generators - (l) GM4HWO & (r) GM3PSP. 



Keen contester Brian Howie GM4DIJ 

Brian Howie GM4DIJ & Mike GM4IGS Chapman (from Troon) 


 Chris Thompson MM0ZCT & Danny Robson GM6CMQ


Norrie GM1CNH & Peter GM4DTH (again)


Stuart Wright MM3TZP & Michael Flynn MM6MWF. 


 Andy Sinclair MM0FMF & Robin Thompson GM4YPL.


Pete Bates GM4BYF & Alan Masson GM3PSP.


Colin GM4HWO. 

John Taylor GM4JRT & Brian Howie GM4DIJ.


 Graham Read GM4UPB.


 Brian Flynn GM8BJF & his microwave dish.


 Great group shot at end of VHF-NFD 2023 at Gatehouse of Fleet.

Andy MM0FMF, Brian GM4DIJ, Danny GM6CMQ, Mike GM4IGS, Robin GM4YPL,

Norrie GM1CNH, Grahame GM4UPB, Brian GM8BJF, Colin GM4HWO,

Pete GM4BYF, John GM4JRT.

Front: Liz GM6WOM, Andrew Stewart, Kay GM6KAY.



 The Masonic Arms in Gatehouse of Fleet, our favourite location for dinner.


Dinner group at the Masonic Arms 2023.


Brian GM4DIJ, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF.


Mike GM4IGS, Norrie GM1CNH, Danny GM6CMQ, Peter GM4DTH.


 In centre (blue shirt): Terry Robinson GM3WUX, a blind operator from Glasgow, who has joined us many times for 4m / 6m in VHF NFD.


Pete GM4BHF, Alan GM3PSP, Terry GM3WUX, Brian GM4DIJ, Brian GM8BJF. 


 Brian GM8BJF.


 Colin with two of the K9 customers in the Masonic Arms.


 After dinner we return to the site for some stronger stuff!

Danny GM6CMQ, Brian GM8BJF, Colin GM4HWO.


Brian GM8BJF, Mike GM4IGS, Robin GM4YPL.



 Brian GM8BJF.


The new catering tent.


Old catering tent - even includes microwave oven!


 Colin GM4HWO & Brian GM8BJF preparing for Saturday barbecue.


  Restaurant - grade barbecue fare, cooked by Colin GM4HWO.


 And Colin's famous bacon rolls for breakfast.


And pancakes for tea!




Early transistorized receiver used by GM3PSP/P on West Kip in the Pentland Hills in 1966. 

 Homebrew 2m transmitter used by GM3PSP/P on West Kip.

Early transmitters used these valves. 







 One of the first LRS VHF contest stations was GM3PSP/P operated in 1966 from the summit of West Kip hill in the Pentland Hills, near Penicuik.


Map showing West Kip (blue arrow).


Borrowed Scout tents on summit of West Kip in 1966


 Assembling a J-Beam 8-element yagi for 2m on West Kip.


Brian Flynn GM8BJF, Robin Newman GM3VZL, ?


Three videos were shown including one of a transfer of an 8mm film of GM3PSP/P shot on West Kip in 1966. These are very large digital files and we are trying to find a way of uploading them to this report!