Malcolm Hamilton GM3TAL talked about running HF stations when grid / mains electricity is not available. He has been taking part in contests from locations around Scotland and the UK and from overseas for many years now and this talk described how he has operated using batteries, generators and solar panels.







 The National Grid does not cover the whole country, by far!

 Conversion of generated electricity to very high voltage for low-loss transmission, and then conversion down to 230V for domestic use.




Portable operation on hilltop.


Portable operation on sea-shore.


Portable operation in Africa.


Power failure in London Underground.


 Space-craft operation.


DX operation in Kazakhstan.





























Maximising solar panels on a property!


- or in a field! 





Domestic solar panels control panel.



Flexitricity power storage site.




 Vertical Dipole Array on Beach. (G3RWF)


 Moxon antenna on beach.(G3RWF).


 Malcolm operating as GS8VL in CQWW CW 2024.






After thanking Malcolm for a great talk, Andy MM0FMF presented him with a bottle of wine.