There was an excellent turnout of 30 including many visitors, for the spring surplus equipment sale. Lots of interesting items sold in a meeting that lasted just over 2 hours in the hall of St Fillan's Church in Buckstone. The items for sale included 6 crates of good-quality items from a Silent Key sale. The LRS takes a small commission of 10% of the sale prices but many items were donated to club funds.


Members and guests settling down for the start of the sale.



 One small problem was that the church hall had been painted that very day and we had to be careful not to touch the still-drying walls etc!


 Examining some of the items for sale.


 These included two oscilloscopes (remember the ones with cathode-ray tubes?)

and two Racal RA-17 (valve) receivers.


RA-17s weigh approximately 1 Ton each!


 Brian GM8BJF brought some very interesting microwave items.


 The Silent Key items included quite a number of radio books.


 LRS President Colin GM4HWO got the sale off to a sharp start at 8:00pm.



Treasurer Peter GM4DTH was ready to receive the money and prepare for the raffle later.



                    Colin GM4HWO                                             John GM4JRT


                       Brian GM8BJF                                             Colin GM4EAU



                       Ed GM4AIS                                                            Norrie GM1CNH


                            Ken GM4AOR                         Allen MM3ZEU (with space-gun)


                     Peter GM8GHQ                                             Dave GM3VTH


Andrew MM7AFX.


The sale was followed by the raffle, which was over so quickly that the photographer missed it - sorry!