Annual barbecueThe LRS annual barbecue

Smoke!   Sausages!   Beer!





When LRS members and guests started arriving at 7:30pm, host Pete Bates GM4BYF was already busy with two grills, cooking pork steaks, hamburgers and sausages. XYL Kay GM6KAY had a great choice of salads and desserts ready indoors.  

The 2013 Summer Barbecue of the Lothans Radio Society was held as usual at the Fairmilehead home of LRS members Pete GM4BYF and Kay Bates GM6KAY. The good news was that the weather was excellent with 20 LRS members and 6 invited guests attending; the bad news was that it brought out all the midges in Fairmilehead which soon had everyone running for cover in the house! The food was excellent, including steaks for all, very kindly provided by LRS member David GM4ZNX. Chef Pete, as well as barbecuing the steaks, burgers and hot-dogs, was also celebrating his 67th birthday, for which Kay had baked two cakes, with 6 & 7 candles on them! 


Pete and Kay have a very nice house and garden at Fairmilehead which lend themselves to events such as barbecues.


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Pete GM4BYF and Kay Bates GM6KAY again hosted the annual Lothians Radio Society barbecue at their home at Fairmilehead. Here is a selection of photographs taken by Peter GM4DTH and Alan GM3PSP.


Here is a selection of photographs taken at Lothians Radio Society barbecues in previous years by Peter GM4DTH and David GM4ZNX.


Pete GM4BYF at the grill