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The 2018 LRS Summer Barbecue was held as usual at the QTH of Pete GM4BYF and Kay Bates GM6KAY (in centre) at Fairmilehead on the south side of Edinburgh, near the Pentland Hills. The fine weather which we had been enjoying for several weeks allowed the attendance of about 20 to enjoy the BBQ in their beautiful garden. 


On arrival we found Pete hard at work BBQing burgers and bangers  assisted by his 'magic mittens'


Peter GM4DTH, Roger, David GM3YMX, Brian GM8BJF, Malcolm GM3TAL.


'Country cousins' from Juniper Green / Currie - Vic GM3OWU and John GM4XZN.


LRS President Brian GM8BJF and John GM8OTI


Pete GM4BYF, Andy MM0FMF and James GM4WZP.  Not sure what Andy was bragging about.


Looks like he explained it to everyone's amusement.


Roger (says he's going for his licence at last!) and XYL Kath, Marwyn/XYL GM8OTI and Iain GM8LYQ.


David GM3YMX, Andy MM0FMF, James GM4WZP & Alan GM3PSP.


The two oldest LRS members present - Vic GM3OWU (1957) and Alan GM3PSP (1960) - reminiscing!