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The fifth annual Scottish Microwave Round Table, organized by the Lothians Radio Society, was held on Saturday 7th November 2015 at the Museum of Communication in Burntisland.

Report by John Cooke GM8OTI. Photos by Alan Masson GM3PSP. 

LRS Secretary Mike Burgess MM0MLB and Pete Bates GM4BYF

The Lothians Radio Society again had a table at the Cockenzie & Port Seton Mini-Rally / Junk Night in the Cockenzie Community Hall on 21st August 2015. An updated version of the LRS Powerpoint promotional show ran for the whole evening and leaflets and cards were available. 

As usual, there was a good turn-out for the Central Scotland Mini Radio Convention

in Livingston on Sunday 7th June 2015, with several LRS members attending.

At least eleven LRS members attended the Galashiels Radio and Computer Rally 2014.

Here are a few photos taken by Alan GM3PSP.


Brian GM8BJF and John GM8OTI joining the queue at the Volunteer Hall.


John Cooke GM8OTI opening GMRT-2013, welcoming those present 

The third Scottish Microwave Round Table (GMRT) was held on Saturday 2nd November 2013 at the Museum of Communication, Burntisland, followed by a dinner with entertainment at the Kingswood Hotel. Several LRS members were very involved with the organization of this event - John GM8OTI, Andy MM0FMF, Peter GM4DTH, Colin GM4HWO & Brian GM8BJF - preparing, collecting fees, presenting talks, providing test facilities, taking part in the construction competition, and even playing the fiddle at the after-dinner entertainment. Other LRS attendees were Chris GM4YLN, Alan GM3PSP, Peter GM4BYF, Briain GM8PKL & Bill GM8SQM. Here is a selection of photos of LRS participants. For the complete report (written by John GM8OTI) and videos by Ray GM3CXM of the Microwave Quartet playing, please go to the official GMRT website. 


L-R: Pete GM4BYF, Alan GM3PSP & Andy MM0FMF (Photo by Veronica, XYL-GM3VLB)

Once again the Lothians Radio Society had a table at the Galashiels Rally, held on Sunday 20th October. The table was used for promoting the LRS with a Powerpoint show, literature and a sign-up sheet. In addition, we had a few small items for sale. The rally was busier than last year and we had several new sign-ups for meeting notices etc.


A number of members of the Lothians Radio Society attended the Norbreck Rally in Blackpool on Sunday, 7th April 2013. Travelling down on the Saturday afternoon, they first enjoyed a merry evening in a local pub where beer was only an amazing £1.80 a pint, and then in the Sunam Indian restaurant for the traditional curry.

On the Sunday, as well as attending the rally, John GM8OTI worked GM0USI on the Mull of Galloway on 10GHz over a sea-path of 148km from the Blackpool seafront.

Photos by John GM8OTI, Pete GM4BYF and Colin GM4HWO:



Pete GM4BYF, Colin GM4HWO, Norrie GM1CNH & Dan MM3CMQ.

As usual, the Lothians Radio Society had a promotional table at the Galashiels Rally on Sunday 21st October 2012. In addition to running a Powerpoint presentation of photographs of LRS activities and providing information leaflets, business cards, etc, there was also surplus equipment for sale on the table. LRS member Pete GM4BYF had his own table adjacent to the LRS table. LRS members attending the rally were: GM1CNH, GM1CQC, GM3HNE, GM3PSP, GM3VLB, GM4BYF, GM4DTH, GM4UPN, GM4ZOA, GM8OTI & MM0FMF.


Jack GM1CQC and LRS President Andy MM0FMF at the LRS table.

The Lothians Radio Society had a table at the annual Cockenzie & Port Seton ARC Mini Rally & Junk Sale, on Friday 10th August 2012. In addition to a PowerPoint show of LRS activities and a display of leaflets, we also had members' items for sale on the table, and this greatly increased our show "traffic". Lothians members attending were Pete GM4BYF, Alan GM3PSP, Brian GM8BJF, Paul GM4UPN, Stewart GM4ZOA, Colin GM4HWO, Andy MM0FMF, Jack GM1CQC and Brian MM0WZB.


The Lothians Radio Society table staffers:

L-R: Andy MM0FMF, Brian GM8BJF, Jack GM1CQC, Paul GM4UPN. Behind camera: Alan GM3PSP.