Photos by David GM4ZNX (tnx) at the Magnum Rally at Irvine on 9th May 2010, attended by a number of LRS members.


L-R: XYL, Archie of Tennamast, unknown.



Andy Sinclair MM0FMF (LRS)


Jim Buchanan GM4VGR (Stirling club).


Colin Wright GM4HWO (LRS)


Colin Wright GM4HWO & wee Callum


Roy Kavanagh GM4VKI from Kilmarnock.


Dave Cossar GM3WIL of Prestwick. (SK-4 June 2020).  DXCC Honor Roll.


Looks like a 3-valve crystal-controlled Transmitter.



 Crawford Ross GM8HBY (Central Scotland FM Group).




Robert West GM4GUF (Biggar) & John Cooke GM8OTI (LRS).