The LRS visited the QTH building of the Stirling & District Radio Society (GM6NX) on 30th May 2010 at their location on Bandeath Industrial Estate, Throsk.  Photos tnx David GM4ZNX.


 Something the LRS does not have - a spacious QTH building.


With an impressive antenna farm!


Very impressive!


VIP dining room.


 Meeting room.


Meeting room - other end.


Rohde & Schwarz 'Polyscope' Model SWOB


 As above


Beautiful G2DAF home-brew receiver with Eddystone 898 dial.


 Operating position.















Many thanks to the Stirling Club for this visit.


As a piece of history, this LRS website has a photograph of D.M. Harrower GM6NX of Stirling at the 1965 Scottish VHF Convention in Perth, meeting with GM6RI from Forfar and Jack Wilson GM6XI of the LRS. (CLICK).