A good group of LRS members again attended the annual Norbreck Rally in Blackpool on Sunday 21st April 2024. They had travelled down from Edinburgh the previous afternoon and enjoyed a nice social evening in the Bispham Hotel pub and the Sunam Indian Restaurant before spending the night in the Brincliffe Hotel and going to the Norbreck Castle Hotel for the rally on Sunday. Tnx to Colin GM4HWO for all the photos.


Brian GM8BJF & Mike GM4IGS arriving at the Brincliffe Hotel.


 The Bispham Hotel pub.


The Sunam Indian Restaurant.


The merry LRS group at the Sunam Indian Restaurant:

L-R: Norrie GM1CNH, Bob MM0XRI, Peter GM4DTH, Pete GM4BYF,

Kay GM6KAY, Colin GM4HWO, Mike GM4IGS, Brian GM8BJF, Danny GM6CMQ.




Colin really likes his naans, but sadly he only got a wee one this time!!


 Breakfast at the Brincliffe Hotel.



Traditional English Breakfast       

Good choice, Brian!


                       Then on to the Norbreck Castle Hotel for the Rally. 



             - with its famous tower. 





The RSGB stand.


                                                       The CDXC stand.


But most important of all - the LRS stand,

staffed by Pete GM4BYF & XYL Kay GM6KAY.

The LRS was a sponsor of the rally this year.


 The SOTA stand, crewed by LRS's Andy MM0FMF and colleagues.


Bob MM0XRI with Peter GM4DTH


Norrie GM1CNH

who coordinated the transport to Blackpool and the curry reservations - tnx!


Danny GM6CMQ


Brian GM8BJF (still recovering from that breakfast)

doing some shopping for his next project.


 Colin GM4HWO, with thanks for all these photos.