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Following John Cooke's talk on amateur radio applications for the Raspberry Pi microcomputer at the March 8th LRS meeting John now reports that he has successfully received the FUNCube-1 satellite using a Raspberry Pi 3.

The Lothians Radio Society again operated in JOTA - Jamboree On The Air - from the Bonaly Scout Camp Site near Colinton on Saturday 15th October 2016. Using the special-event callsign GB0BSS, the operators were John Cooke GM8OTI and Malcolm Hamilton GM3TAL. This year the operating position was in the Training Room, which was a bit warmer than the open barn used in previous years! The room was shared with JOTI - Jamboree On The Internet. 


Brian Flynn GM8BJF. (Photos by Briain GM8PKL & Brian GM8BJF)

Brian Flynn GM8BJF and Briain Wilson GM8PKL made an expedition on Saturday 19th March 2016 to Telegraph Hill near Coldingham, Scottish Borders to check on reception there of the 3cm beacon GM8FFX/B which Brian had built and installed in May 2015 at the QTH of Graham Knight GM8FFX near Aberdeen. (Click for report). There is a completely clear 126km sea-path from Aberdeen and Brian was delighted but not surprised to find the beacon pounding in strongly at Telegraph Hill. He was also glad to find it was still bang on frequency!

John GM8OTI and Malcolm GM3TAL.

LRS club members John Cooke GM8OTI and Malcolm GM3TAL operated radio station GB0BSS for the 57th Jamboree on the Air on behalf of local Scout groups at the Bonaly Scout Camp Site on Saturday 17th October 2015.


The GM8FFX 10GHz Beacon.

Brian Flynn  GM8BJF


I met Graham Knight GM8FFX at a local rally last summer. He told me he was back on 2m and had been working Chris Tran GM3WOJ. He mentioned that Chris had told him about the 10 GHz beacon I had built to put on at his QTH near Tain and in passing Graham reminded me that there was a proposal back in the mid/late 1970s to put a 10GHz beacon on from his house south of Aberdeen. This never came to fruition for reasons that are now lost in the mists of time and he asked if I had thought of putting it at his QTH. I said that I was willing to put together another personal beacon for his place. Graham has an outstanding VHF/Microwave QTH with a clear view over the North Sea and consequently a sea path to PA0 and East Anglia. In November 2014 I visited Graham and the subject arose again and I agreed to go ahead building the hardware. We also decided that a suitable spot to mount it was on a pole supporting his HF antennas. Over Christmas and New Year I built up the hardware and tested it.

Scouts from the 114th (Fairmilehead) Troop with leader Paul Fullerton.

John Cooke GM8OTI and Alan Masson GM3PSP operated GB0BSS in JOTA - Jamboree On The Air - from Bonaly Scout Camp for the third year running. Scouts from the 103rd Braid (Greenbank) and 114th Braid (Fairmilehead) troops participated. The objective was to encourage the Scouts to operate, speaking into the microphone, giving their own information - name, age, troop - and asking questions of the Scouts at the stations they contacted.  


LRS member Brian Flynn GM8BJF has installed a new 3cm microwave beacon at the QTH near Invergordon in grid square IO77ws of well-known DXer Chris Tran GM3WOJ (and using his callsign). This is Brian with the equipment on the side of Chris's lowered mast before it was raised to give a beacon height of 11m, beaming at 165 degrees. This allows scatter propagation over the top of the Cairngorm mountains and reception in Edinburgh at Brian's QTH at a distance of 215km. It has also been heard in Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham at an amazing distance of 376km. The beacon sends GM3WOJ IO77ws in both CW and JT4G digital.

Click for Streaming Audio. (Click on M3U and wait - possible delay). 

The Lothians Radio Society operated special event station GM100RSGB on November 18-20 to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Radio Society of Great Britain in 1913. The location was a nice radio-quiet property near Armadale in West Lothian, owned by a friend of Peter GM4DTH. The organizers were Peter GM4DTH and Norrie GM1CNH. Photos by Peter GM4DTH & Alan GM3PSP.


Saturday 16th Nov: transport most of equipment to site and assemble triband beam antenna.

Sunday 17th Nov:   assemble and erect 20m mast with antenna and rotator.

Monday 18th Nov:   operation on 10m from workshop. Rig: ICOM IC-765 and ETO91β linear amplifier.

Tuesday 19th Nov:  relocate to nice warm room in house and operation on 15m and 40m.

Wed 20th Nov:       operation on 10m from house.

   - Total number of QSOs: 563, all on SSB, and including many DX stations. 

Sunday 24th Nov:   dismantling of station.




The set-up crew on Sunday 17th Nov.

L-R: SWL Kris, William T6/K5WEJ, Brian GM8BJF, Danny, GM6CMQ


For the second year running the Lothians Radio Society ran a station for Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) from Bonaly Camp near Edinburgh using the callsign GB0BSS - Bonaly Scout Site. The operators were John Cooke GM8OTI, Malcolm Hamilton GM3TAL and Alan Masson GM3PSP. One of the Scout helpers was David Ferguson GM3YMX, a former LRS member. 32 contacts ("QSOs") were made, 17 with other JOTA stations. (Details with QSL card below). 


Information for 2013 D/F Hunt

The LRS D/F Hunt will take place on Wednesday 8th May 2013. Start time is 7.30pm sharp. Members wishing to take part are advised to be on Braid Road outside the Braid Hills Hotel no later than 7.20pm, although this is not essential - some entrants choose to start from elsewhere. There is always room for those not equipped with receivers to join up with members who are so-equipped. The "Fox" will be located somewhere within the City boundary and participants should be equipped with a map and the necessary equipment to draw out bearings. The Fox will transmit using the callsign GM3HAM/P for 5 minutes-on / 5 minutes-off periods starting promptly at 7.30 pm. The frequency will be 1.875 MHz with an amplitude modulated tone being broadcast plus voice identification at the start and end of each period of transmitting. Operation will cease at about 9.30pm and an informal gathering will occur at a pub close to the Fox's location.