Following Malcom's appearance of LRS Viral Net #60 on 19th May, he provided this description of his 4m/6m station and recent activity on those bands:

Yes, I have enjoyed Es on both 6 and 4 metres during the month of May and worked stations with the following prefixes:

70 MHz: S51,EA6,EA4,CT1,S51, LX/MM (!!) (he was in the Med off Marseilles) and, of course G, GW and GM on this band and on six.

50 MHz: HA, F,EA,IS,I,S5,HB9,DL,OZ,SP,OH,SM,YL,ES,UT,OM, VO1 (two stations!), N4. All on SSB, except for the N4 who was cw.

I used 20 watts on 70 MHz and 100 watts (or 400, on only a few occasions) on 50 MHz.

Antenna is sleeve-fed yagi with three elements on each band. Height above ground: 6 metres. Didn't need to have the mast at full height! (see photo below).

Rig is IC-7300.

Good job the wx has been so foul as its has kept me out of the garden during daylight hours!?