I was told that the ticket stubs went up to about 28,000 and they were issued in sequence so there was a good turnout.  It was held in the Greene County Fairground and Expo Center, which is at Xenia, a small town about 15 miles out of Dayton. I travelled to Dayton with my friend Andrew Dozier whom I have known since we were both graduate students.  He has a farm in a small town called Otisco in southern Indiana, close to Louisville, KY. and we set off from there on the Friday morning arriving at the show about lunchtime. I spent the afternoon exploring the flea market which was very extensive. We returned on the Saturday and I did the rest of the flea market. In the afternoon there was a thunderstorm warning with rain which put paid to the flea market which was all outside. Most of the afternoon was spent indoors in the six halls housing the trade and club/society stands. All the latest offerings from the main manufacturers were on view.





 Photos of the huge outdoor flea-market.






RSGB Stand in one of the six indoor halls where dealers etc were exhibiting..



On the Sunday we decided to take time off radio! and went to the National Museum of the US Air Force  which is located just outside Dayton adjacent to Wright-Patterson AFB. It consists of six very large hangars of exhibits from the start of aviation to the present day. I found the scale of it pretty mind boggling! and it was well worth the visit. To name a few there was a space shuttle, a B52, the Apollo 16 capsule which went to the moon, a B2 stealth bomber, a SR71 Blackbird, all the former Airforce One planes and lots of space hardware.

 1. Space Shuttle

2. Shuttle Launch Vehicle

3. Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird -- New York to London in  1 Hour 54 minutes!

4. Apollo 15 Capsule - Been to the Moon and back!

5. F35 Jet fighter