Setting up portable antennaContest operating /P

- and sometimes the sun shines!




Brian reports: Conditions were the best for this contest that I've seen for a long time. One gotaway in Germany DR9A JN48EQ was over 1000km. Very high scores were noted, some greater than 1000 QSOs. GM portables were GM4ZUK/P on Cairn o' Mount, GM0ULK/P on The Mull of Kintyre, GM6MD/P on Windy Standard and GM4GUF/P on Tinto. C&PS were on the IOM.

GM3HAM/P:  141 QSOs

Best DX: DF0MU in JO32pc at 866km.

The GM3HAM/P Contest Group of the Lothians Radio Society returned to their excellent site in the hills above Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries & Galloway on 30th June to 2nd July for RSGB VHF-UHF NFD 2023. Photos tnx Colin GM4HWO.


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Band   QSOs   Pts     Bext DX   km        Results

   50      88  108612  5B4AAB  3573    1st 

   70      47    16234   S51DI    1678       1st  

144     116   37623   F1MKG     771      5th  

   432    34     11711    OR6T  749        5th

OVERALL:                                              3rd   



 After pitching their tents on the Friday evening they adjourned to the Masonic Arms in Gatehouse for dinner and a few diet lemonades.

Brain GM4DIJ, Danny GM6CMQ, Colin GM4HWO, Mike GM4IGS, Kay GM6KAY, Pete GM4BYF, Grahame GM4UPB.

Station GM3HAM/P was operated in RSGB VHF NFD from our usual site in the hills behind Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries & Galloway at locator IO74WV. Operators included Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM4DIJ, Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM4IGS, Norrie GM1CNH (& son Andrew), Danny GM6CMQ & John 2M0JTU. We were joined by several welcome members of the Wigtownshire ARC including Ian GM3SEK, who operated on 2m.  

Ian reports: The other Wigtownshire ARC members who were able to attend were Michael 2M0FMJ, Jon 2M0HDL and his son Lewis. (It was also the first time we had all three met in person for more than two years)! In the nature of things, they were all a bit awestruck on their first visit to a full-on VHF contest site, but they learned a lot and I'm sure they will be back.

Wx: many showers on Saturday, fewer on Sunday. Windy & showery during take-down.. 

Station managers: 6m (Sat) / 4m (Sun): Brian GM4DIJ & Mike GM4IGS; 2m: Peter GM4DTH; 70cm: Pete, GM4BYF.

    Submitted scores:

Band    QSOs   Points     Best-DX    Dist. km

6m:         52      19,923      LY1KAP/P      1886 

4m:         52      15,716       G5LK/P           622 

2m:        118     36,164       F5SGT/P         754 

70cm:     44      15, 651      OR6T              749



          1. Restricted Sec. - 2nd place - cert. 

          2. 50MHz - Band Leader - cert.

          3. 70MHz - Band Leader - cert.

          4. 144MHz - Runner-up - cert.

          5. 432MHz - 3rd place overall.

           Click for RSGB results page.


On arrival on the Friday evening, the tents were erected. We then adjourned to the Masonic Arms in Gatehouse for an excellent dinner where the large portions were appreciated!

Colin GM4HWO was unable to attend due to Covid virus, so his usual delicious bacon rolls were greatly missed at breakfast!

Submitted score (Open Section): 167 QSOs, 54,733 pts x multiplier 77 ==> Total Score: 4,214,441 pts.

Best DX: F6DKW, Locator JN18CS, Distance 808km / 502 miles (nr Paris).

Report by Peter GM4DTH:

The group travelled to site on Friday afternoon. The weather was showery some of which were extended. Personal accommodation and the mess tent were established with no further work being undertaken until the weather improved. The evening meal was in the 'Masonic Arms' in Gatehouse of Fleet followed by a few drams in the mess tent. Saturday morning the station was built with Colin providing a working breakfast with bacon rolls. There was a period of concern when the generator failed to start, however, after giving it a rest it started and ran reliably for the rest of the weekend.

The propagation on 2m was in line with the weather and showed little or no enhancement, with this station performing as expected from this location. For the first time we were joined by John 2M0JTU who could experience a reasonable 2m station, for the first time, with reliable contacts to the south coast. This was a marked contrast with the low performance 'white stick' stations from his home station. We worked one wet locator square IO65SP with GM8EXI/MM near Islay (170km 106 miles). On the mobile side we worked G4DHF/M in Lincolnshire JO03AE (332km / 206 miles). On the QRP side there was a hybrid CW/SSB contact with 5W station G4NBS near Cambridge at 405km / 252 miles. This path had QSB making it a relatively difficult contact. Best Dx was F6DKW, at 808km / 502 miles, nr Paris.


In prep:

The GM3HAM/P contest group of the Lothians Radio Society were again at our favourite location at IO74wv  in the hills near Gatehouse of Fleet in Galloway.

Photos tnx Colin GM4HWO & Peter GM4DTH. Tnx to Pete GM4BYF and Mike GM4IGS for data input.

Summary of claimed scores in Restricted Section:

6m: 72 QSOs, 96772 pts, best Dx: 5B4AAB KM64eu Paphos 3573km

4m: 25 QSOs, 10199 pts, best Dx: EC7AKV IM77aj Seville 1951km

 2m: 129 QSOs, 36035 pts, best Dx: GU0UVH IN89vr Alderney 590km 

70cm: 41 QSOs, 13017 pts, best Dx: F6KRK JN18as nr Paris, 802km

RESULTS: in the Restricted Section, Overall Winner and recipient of the Martlesham Trophy was Windmill CG in JO01, up from third place in 2019, with 3059 normalised points. Runner up again was Lothians RS in IO74 with 2944 normalised points, again earning the Cockenzie Quaich as Leading GM Entry. In third place was Goole R&ES in IO93 with 2366 normalised points, moving up from 9th in 2019. Winner on 50MHz.


This shot gives an indication of the Wx, described by Colin as "mixed". Hope they had wellies! 

But nay coos in the field!

Many thanks to Colin GM4HWO and Peter GM4DTH for these photos of the site near Gatehouse of Fleet.

Also LRS member Brian GM4DIJ/A operated from his caravan at Luce Bay near Stranraer on the Sunday after visiting GM3HAM/P on the Saturday - see bottom.

Full report in preparation.

Log submitted: 131 QSOs, Claimed Score 2,481,592, Best Dx F6DKW @ 808km (near Paris).


Back to our favourite site, on a hill-top near Gatehouse of Fleet.

Peter GM4DTH described the wx conditions as "grey and unsettled".

Radio conditions were below average with low signal strengths being the norm for the entire operating period.

We could not hear GB3VHF (144.430MHz) which was unusual.


Peter GM4DTH, and Brian GM4DIJ on the Saturday (before going to his caravan at Luce Bay to operate GM4DIJ/A the following day - see report at bottom. 

 Click for audio recording of QSO with Roger G3OHH, taken via the Hack Green WebSDR. tnx Brian GM4DIJ:


LRS QSL Manager Pete GM4BYF has produced many nice QSL cards for contest QSOs. Here is a selection.

In 2020 the dreaded Corona Virus prevented our direct participation in the RSGB Microwave Trophy in May, the RSGB VHF National Field Day in July and the RSGB 2m Trophy Contest in September. However, we did manage to get out to Gatehouse of Fleet to enjoy an outdoor camping weekend and being active during the 2m Trophy although with one or two senior members not participating for health & safety reasons. 

L-R: Andy MM0FMF, Brian GM8BJF, Mike GM4IGS, Norrie GM1CNH, Colin GM4HWO, Bob MM0XRI (guest), Rob MM0RHU (guest), Peter GM4DTH. (Photo by Andy MM0FMF).

The station made about 196 QSOs with a few dupes. Exact total soon.

Best DX: F6DKW 57097 JN18cs in Paris at 808.4km

A small group of LRS members operated GM3HAM/P in the RSGB 2m Trophy contest from Lauder Common on Sunday 8th September 2019. About 40 QSOs were made in this recreational entry. (Photo - Melvyn GM4HYR)


L-R: Brian GM4DIJ, Brian GM8BJF, Pete GM4BYF, Kay GM6KAY, Terry GM3WUX, Mike GM4IGS, Andy MM0FMF, Danny GM6CMQ, Alan GM3PSP. (Taken at end of event).  Photos by GM3PSP, GM4BYF & GM4DIJ.

This was an excellent event, organized by Peter GM4BYF - the wx was great most of the time, everything worked, and we achieved good scores on 6m, 4m, 2m & 23cm, although a little down on last year. The first use of a block and tackle greatly simplified the erection of the large beams for 6m (Saturday) and 4m (Sunday) as well as 2m.

Provisional scores: 

6m:     70 QSOs, 26,131 pts, best Dx IW5EIJ in JN52ps at 1751km.  (2018: 95 QSOs).

            Station:  Yaesu FT847 100W to 9 element H/B yagi at 10m agl.

            Ops: Terry GM3WUX, Brian GM4DIJ, Mike GM4IGS.


4m:     91 QSOs, 29,734 pts, best Dx GU6EFB in IN89rk at 617km.  (2018: 105 QSOs).

            Station: Yaesu FT847 + S/S amplifier w/pre-amp - 40W to 11 ele H/B yagi at 10m agl.

            Ops: Terry GM3WUX, Brian GM4DIJ, Mike GM4IGS.


2m:     204 QSOs, 63,107 pts, best Dx F4VQX in IN87lx at 773km.    (2018: 245 QSOs)

            Station: Icom IC-9700 100W to Andy's new LDF450 and Mike's M2 5WL at 10m agl.

            Ops: Danny GM6CMQ, Andy MM0FMF.


23cm: 25 QSOs, 7756 pts, best Dx G5LK/P in JO01qd at 556km.  (2018: 30 QSOs).

           Station: Yaesu FT736R + S/S linear amp (80W) to 67-ele yagi at 10m agl / 195m asl

            Ops: Brian GM8BJF, Pete GM4BYF.