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LRS QSL Manager Pete GM4BYF has produced many nice QSL cards for contest QSOs. Here is a selection.

In 2020 the dreaded Corona Virus prevented our direct participation in the RSGB Microwave Trophy in May, the RSGB VHF National Field Day in July and the RSGB 2m Trophy Contest in September. However, we did manage to get out to Gatehouse of Fleet to enjoy an outdoor camping weekend and being active during the 2m Trophy although with one or two senior members not participating for health & safety reasons. 

L-R: Andy MM0FMF, Brian GM8BJF, Mike GM4IGS, Norrie GM1CNH, Colin GM4HWO, Bob MM0XRI (guest), Rob MM0RHU (guest), Peter GM4DTH. (Photo by Andy MM0FMF).

The station made about 196 QSOs with a few dupes. Exact total soon.

Best DX: F6DKW 57097 JN18cs in Paris at 808.4km

A small group of LRS members operated GM3HAM/P in the RSGB 2m Trophy contest from Lauder Common on Sunday 8th September 2019. About 40 QSOs were made in this recreational entry. (Photo - Melvyn GM4HYR)


L-R: Brian GM4DIJ, Brian GM8BJF, Pete GM4BYF, Kay GM6KAY, Terry GM3WUX, Mike GM4IGS, Andy MM0FMF, Danny GM6CMQ, Alan GM3PSP. (Taken at end of event).  Photos by GM3PSP, GM4BYF & GM4DIJ.

This was an excellent event, organized by Peter GM4BYF - the wx was great most of the time, everything worked, and we achieved good scores on 6m, 4m, 2m & 23cm, although a little down on last year. The first use of a block and tackle greatly simplified the erection of the large beams for 6m (Saturday) and 4m (Sunday) as well as 2m.

Provisional scores: 

6m:     70 QSOs, 26,131 pts, best Dx IW5EIJ in JN52ps at 1751km.  (2018: 95 QSOs).

            Station:  Yaesu FT847 100W to 9 element H/B yagi at 10m agl.

            Ops: Terry GM3WUX, Brian GM4DIJ, Mike GM4IGS.


4m:     91 QSOs, 29,734 pts, best Dx GU6EFB in IN89rk at 617km.  (2018: 105 QSOs).

            Station: Yaesu FT847 + S/S amplifier w/pre-amp - 40W to 11 ele H/B yagi at 10m agl.

            Ops: Terry GM3WUX, Brian GM4DIJ, Mike GM4IGS.


2m:     204 QSOs, 63,107 pts, best Dx F4VQX in IN87lx at 773km.    (2018: 245 QSOs)

            Station: Icom IC-9700 100W to Andy's new LDF450 and Mike's M2 5WL at 10m agl.

            Ops: Danny GM6CMQ, Andy MM0FMF.


23cm: 25 QSOs, 7756 pts, best Dx G5LK/P in JO01qd at 556km.  (2018: 30 QSOs).

           Station: Yaesu FT736R + S/S linear amp (80W) to 67-ele yagi at 10m agl / 195m asl

            Ops: Brian GM8BJF, Pete GM4BYF.


Norrie GM1CNH and Peter GM4DTH operated on 70cm in the RSGB UHF / Microwave contest on Sunday 5th May (only) from an elevated site on Lauder Common, a few miles west of Lauder, off the Stow Road, in the Scottish Borders. Conditions were probably about average but activity was very low. Only 6 QSOs were made but included East Anglia, and one German station was heard on CW. One QSO back to Edinburgh was made with Brian GM4DIJ. Photos by GM4DTH & GM3PSP.

Peter GM4DTH, Danny GM6CMQ, Mike GM4IGS, Norrie GM1CNH, Brian GM4DIJ, Andy MM0FMF

The GM3HAM contest group of the Lothians Radio Society operated GM3HAM/P in the Open section of the 2m Trophy contest on 1-2 Sept 2018 from our usual site near Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries & Galloway. The weather was 'damp & claggy' (?) with intermittent rain all weekend.

Photos by Peter GM4DTH, Brian GM4DIJ and Andy MM0FMF. 


             Alan GM3PSP, Danny GM6CMQ, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM4DIJ, Andy MM0FMF, Mike GM4IGS,                           Brian GM8BJF, Terry GM3WUX.

The GM3HAM Contest Group operated VHF-NFD from our usual contest site near Gatehouse of Fleet on the weekend of 6-8 July. The Wx was outstanding and excellent scores were achieved.

The results were posted by the RSGB on 16th August, showing that GM3HAM won the Restricted Section (Martlesham Trophy), leading Scottish Station (Cockenzie Quaich) and the 50MHz & 70MHz band awards.



                                                 6m:   95 QSOs  40,576 pts    best: 9A5ST @ 1946 km. 

                                                 4m: 105 QSOs  39,025 pts    best: EA8DBM @ 3127 km

                                                 2m:  244 QSOs  77,654 pts   best:  F6KCP/P @ 839 km

                                                 23cm: 30 QSOs  9,623 pts    best:  PA0S @ 657km

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Pete GM4BYF and Mike GM4IGS upon arrival at the Gatehouse of Fleet site.

The GM3HAM/P contest group of the LRS took part in the RSGB 2m Trophy Contest from our usual site in the hills near Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries & Galloway. The main innovation was the use of a 2 x 17-element beam providing high gain with good beamwidth. The unconfirmed score is 237 QSOs including G, GM, GI, GW, GU, F, ON, PA, DL and OZ. Best DX was OZ1BEF at 851km. After a nice Saturday, the Sunday Wx was dreadful with 3in deep water accumulating in the Scout tent. There had been 100-head of cattle in the field recently but fortunately the evidence of their presence was not as bad as had been feared! Photos by Peter GM4DTH & Alan GM3PSP.

   L-R:  Brian GM8BJF, Brian GM4DIJ, Danny GM6CMQ, Andy MM0FMF, Colin GM4HWO, Norrie GM1CNH,  Terry GM3WUX, Mike GM4IGS, Peter GM4DTH, Robin GM4YPL, Pete GM4BYF (with halo), Alan GM3PSP.

VHF NFD 2017 at Gatehouse of Fleet was another success for the LRS with good wx most of the time (apart from thick cloud on the Saturday afternoon!) and good scores on 50MHz, 70MHz, 144MHz and 1296MHz in the Restricted section. We were joined by Mike GM4IGS from Troon and Terry GM3WUX from Glasgow as operators on 6m & 4m. On the Friday after setting up our tents we spent the evening in the Masonic Arms in Gatehouse, then retiring to the events tent for the traditional whisky tasting. On Saturday Colin GM4HWO provided his usual bacon rolls breakfast and an outstanding barbecue in the evening. Band scores, checked and submitted:

                                              Band       QSOs      Points       Best-DX     Loc          km

6m             95        33451       CT1BOH    IM58js   1834

4m             72        26404       SP9HWY   JO90nh  1642

2m           159        53796       F6KCP/P   JN18ou     839

   23cm         22          7598        G5LK/P    IO01qd     556   

Photos by Alan GM3PSP & Peter GM4DTH. Peter was also shooting video including some using his UAV (drone). Several still clips (aerial shots) from the video are included here.


Pete GM4BYF, Mike GM4IGS, Brian GM4DIJ, Peter GM4DTH, Danny GM6CMQ,

Andy MM0FMF, Norrie GM1CNH. All photographs and report by Peter GM4DTH.

The GM3HAM/P Contest Group of the Lothians Radio Society operated in the RSGB 2m Trophy Contest on 3-4 September 2016 from our usual site in the hills near Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries & Galloway.

Equipment: Yaesu FT736 plus linear amplifier.

Main aerial: 17-element M² narrow beam width.

Secondary: wide-beam circularly-polarised 4-element Tonna. (Not high enough)!

Claimed score: 194 QSOs; 72,893 points; Best Dx: F6APE; LOC IN97pi;  Dist. 872km.