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2020-06-10 LRS AGM POSTPONED - Date TBD.

2020-05-24 Report on 8JXX2 yagi for 2m portable use by Norrie GM1CNH.


2020-05-20 Marconi wireless telegraph to be recovered from the Titanic wreck of 1912.

Photo courtesy MSN News


Reproduction of Titanic receiver room at the Antique Wireless Museum in Bloomfield NY. Condition unlikely to be very good after 108 years!



2020-05-07 Terry Robinson GM3WUX featured in Glasgow Evening Times article.

Photo courtesy Glasgow Evening Times

Terry has been a very welcome guest operator at GM3HAM/P in 6m & 4m VHF NFD for several years.


2020-05-15 RSGB 2019 Scottish Memorial Awards announced (RadCom June 2020 p.16):

Jock Kyle Memorial to David Anderson GM6BIG (Kilsyth) for GB3CSB microwave beacon cluster.

Jack Wylie Memorial to Gavin Taylor GM0GAV (Perth) for his DX and contest work.


2020-05-09 CORONAVIRUS: how Amateur Radio is connecting people during lock-down. (BBC-News)

2020-03-31 Social Distancing 


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2020-03-19 RSGB Bans Multi-Operator Entries in all HF & VHF Contests up to 30 June 2020.

2020-03-11 GM3HAM QSL Manager, Pete GM4BYF is retiring from that position. It is planned to transfer that function to LoTW - Logbook of The World. 

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2020-05-02 Silent Key Sale List Updated - GM1CNH


2019-12 Codar AT5 Power Supply Unit - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2020-03-10 Andre Saunders GM3VLB and King Hussein JY1 - story by Colin GM4EAU.