9 Nov 22 - David Stockton GM4ZNX: "Limiting factors in Receiver Design over the decades".

David writes: It’s quite simple if unusual. All the marketing departments of all the component, system etc manufacturers trumpet what their products CAN do. So let’s turn that on its head and talk about what things CANNOT do. The limitations of available technologies and parts act to steer progress in ways that can make clearer than the capabilities. It’s a sort of DeMorgan’s theorem shifted outside the world of Boolean variables. But it’s a good mental trick to make complicated-looking things look more obvious, or look worse. It’s worth trying just for those cases where it pays off. 

(No report available).


30 Oct 2022 - Galashiels Rally

Mike MM0MLB, Brian GM4DIJ, Colin GM4HWO / Brian GM8BJF, Norrie GM1CNH.

The Canny Man. (Gateshead).

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Colin GM4HWO opened the sale.


Lots of goodies - and cheap!

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GMRT-2022 was held on 22nd October at the Museum of Communication in Burntisland.

A preliminary report with photos by John GM8OTI, is now up on the LRS site (click).

Also click for GMRT website official report.

Mark GM4ISM won the Constructors Trophy.


Brian described the equipment he designed and built to provide remote operation on 2m (and HF) from a poor location (Peebles!), with demo QSOs with GM8PKL & GM4COK/DU1. 


Hardware in rack case.

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