The 4th and final informal pub night for summer 2011 was held on Wednesday 24th August at "wee" Bennet's Bar at Morningside. 
L-R: Vic JA5VQ, Tommy GM4DCL. Alan GM3PSP, Paul GM4UPN & Peter GM4DTH. (Photo by JA5VQ).
The merry group (well, most of them!) at the 3rd LRS Pub Night on 10th August.
L-R: Colin GM4HWO, Vic GM3OWU, Paul GM4UPN, Pete GM4BYF, Tommy GM4DCL (hidden), Peter GM4DTH, John GM8OTI. (Photo by GM4DTH)
The (small but distinguished) group at the 2nd LRS pub night on 27th July.
L-R: Vic GM3OWU, Vic JA5VQ, Peter GM4DTH & Alan  GM3PSP.
The "pioneers" at the 1st pub night on 11th July.
L-R: Peter GM4DTH, Paul GM4UPN, Vic JA5VQ, Melvyn GM4HYR, Pete GM4BYF, Alan GM3PSP