Net #48 on 3rd March 2021: controller Colin GM4HWO, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF (Peebles), Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM8KCS, Briain GM8PKL, Norrie GM1CNH, Melvyn GM4HYR, John GM8OTI, Brian GM4DIJ, Alan GM3PSP, Bill GM8SQM.

Pete had worked 39 on the 2m contest in good condx but had killed his LED garage lights! Best DX was PA5Y. Keith GM4YXI in IO88 had worked over 100. Pete had completed testing all the valves and would now sell his valve tester. He later reported that Brian BJF (not audible at PSP) was working on Raspberry-Pi, Unix and 3cm beam projects. Peter had got a 4m / M rig which tested OK and would be used for GB2RS work, and also 2m. An ADS/EBU interface was available for future use. He took this nice shot of Briain's QTH on the side of the Braids:

Briain GM8PKL QTH - photo by Peter GM4DTH

Mike reported the GB3NGI beacon was strong at S2-S7 on a tapped vertical whip. Mike hopes to rig has 2m antenna soon after getting more poles from Granton on Monday. Norrie had fired up his linear to full power to a 9-element yagi. He started his car on Saturday after keeping the battery on trickle-charge for months but this had confused the low-voltage alarm which wasn't smart enough! He had found good IARU software for EMC calculations for the new OfCom regulations and would send them to Alan for the website (tnx - posted - psp). Melvyn was still busy working on his daughter's new house. John had watched the latest SpaceX launch which was shut-down at the last minute. (It blew up several minutes later - psp)! Brian DIJ had 10 QSOs in the Sunday cumulative including Pete BYF, Terry GM3WUX, G4TLZ (aircraft scatter) & NIck G4KUX. Condx were strange on 2m last night and he only worked G8RVQ in Liverpool. He heard GDs OK and the GB3NGI beacon was loud. With a new VNA he had measured his on 70cm and 23cm. Colin was busy selling valves (tnx to Pete for testing).  He was buying mobile antennas for HF and 2m for his LandRrover and would soon have a discone installed on his chimney by Ian, the "Antenna-Medic". Alan reported that his daughter Sheila had just been in an Edinburgh Evening News article about a litter-gathering project in Leith. Bill called in to report hearing most stations well in Kirkliston. Several people commented on the new RSGB plan for a single exam for the Full Licence, rather than the current 3 stages. It was agreed this was a very good thing, long overdue!

E&OE. Audio file (net only) tnx Peter: