Meetings are normally held on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month at 7:30 for 8:00 pm in the Library at the Braid Hills Hotel, 134 Braid Road, Edinburgh, EH10 6JD, except where indicated in RED.

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Rallies, conferences, contests and other events of interest to LRS members are indicated in BLUE.

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13 Sept 2017

Presidential Address

'Frequency Standards'

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

27 Sept 2017


'From Holyrood to Hollywood - a Technical Career in Motion Pictures with Kodak'

Museum of Communication, Burntisland

Alan Masson GM3PSP

18 Oct 2017 

Surplus Equipment Sale 

Pete Bates GM4DTH
Sun 22 Oct 2017 Galashiels Radio & Computer Rally

Galashiels & DARC

25 Oct 2017 How to have fun on a shoestring

Tom Wylie GM4FDM 

Sat 4 Nov 2017

Scottish Microwave Round Table

GMRT, at MoC Burntisland

Brian Flynn GM8BJF
8 Nov 2017 Pirates - Offshore Radio 1964 to 1974 - ding-ding!

James Gentles GM4WZP

22 Nov 2017

"Optimisation of Antenna Height Over Real Terrain in the Low VHF Bands"

Brian Howie GM4DIJ


6 Dec 2017



LRS Christmas Curry



Mike Burgess MM0MLB


10 Jan 2018

Video Evening at ECVS

Peter Dick GM4DTH

24 Jan 2018

3D Printing

Neil Gillies ex-GM6BZF
14 Feb 2018

Battery Types & Behaviours

Stan Frey GM8ZQY 
28 Feb 2018

Digital Voice Modes

Allister Watson GM7RYR 
14 March 2018
Microwave Antenna Testing
John McCormick (Leonardo) 
28 March 2018

Wilderness Radio in the Western USA

 Paul Gacek W6PNG
11 Apr 2018

Surplus Equipment Sale

Pete Bates GM4BYF
25 Apr 2018

Using Chinese ADF4351 and ADF5355 PLL Boards as Microwave Signal Sources

Brian Flynn GM8BJF 


29 Apr 2018

NARSA (Blackpool) Rally

9 May 2018

Amateur Deep Space Reception

RSGB 2017 Convention lecture

Paul Marsh M0EYT 

(RSGB Video)


20 May 2018

10:00 - 17:00

SARCOM Radio Electronics Rally

Braehead Glasgow

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
19-20 May 2018

RSGB May 144MHz Contest

Not Participating 

23 May 2018

D/F Hunt

Peter Dick GM4DTH

13 June 2018

LRS Annual General Meeting

Mike Burgess MM0MLB

16-17 June 2018

RSGB 50MHz Trophy Contest

Participation TBD 

4 July 2018


LRS Summer Barbecue

Pete Bates GM4BYF

Kay Bates GM6KAY

7-8 July 2018


Gatehouse of Fleet

Participation TBC (usually) 

11 July 2018

Informal Pub Night 1

Wee Bennett's Bar

Mike Burgess MM0MLB

22 July 2018

RSGB 70MHz Trophy Contest

Participation TBD 
25 July 2018

Informal Pub Night 2

Mike Burgess MM0MLB

8 August 2018

Informal Pub Night 3

Mike Burgess MM0MLB

Fri 10 August 2018 Cockenzie Mini Rally Night

Colin Wright GM4HWO

22 August 2018

Informal Pub Night 4

Mike Burgess MM0MLB

1-2 Sept 2018

RSGB 144MHz Trophy Contest

Participation TBD 
12 Sept 2018

LRS Presidential Address

Title TBA

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

26 Sept 2018

Note: 7:30pm

Joint Meeting at MoC, Burntisland.

        Karl WeiBye - "The X Factor"
A presentation of the all-singing, all-dancing Linux computer operating system and its relationship to OS-X, Unix and Microsoft X

Colin Wright GM4HWO 
6-7 Oct 2018

RSGB Oct 432MHz-245GHz Contest

Participation TBD
Sunday 21 Oct 2018

Galashiels Rally & Open Day

Sat 3 November 2018

GMRT - Scottish Microwave Round Table and Dinner at MoC Burntisland 

LRS / John Cooke GM8OTI