Meetings are normally held on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month at 7:30 for 8:00 pm in the Library at the Braid Hills Hotel, 134 Braid Road, Edinburgh, EH10 6JD, except where indicated in RED.

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Rallies, conferences, contests and other events of interest to LRS members are indicated in BLUE.

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2017-18 Dates See LRS Archive Alan Masson GM3PSP
1-2 Sept 2018

RSGB 144MHz Trophy Contest

Norrie Stewart GM1CNH
12 Sept 2018

LRS Presidential Address

Personal Beacons -

Arduinos & Others

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

26 Sept 2018


Joint Meeting at MoC, Burntisland.

        Karl WeiBye - "The X Factor"
A presentation of the all-singing, all-dancing Linux computer operating system and its relationship to OS-X, Unix and Microsoft X. 

Colin Wright GM4HWO 

17 Oct 2018

Surplus Equipment Sale

Pete Bates GM4BYF

Sunday 21 Oct 2018 11:15am 

Galashiels Open Day & Rally 

Volunteer Hall, St John St

24 Oct 2018

"Let's Talk Technical" (Q&A)

David Stockton GM4ZNX 
Sat 3 Nov 2018

GMRT - Scottish Microwave Round Table and Dinner, Burntisland 

Click for GMRT website.

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

Colin Wright GM4HWO

14 Nov 2018

'R V Jones' Most Secret War'

Prof Joe McGeough 
28 Nov 2018

RSGB Convention Videos

Brian Flynn GM8BJF 

12 December 2018

LRS Christmas Curry Colin Wright GM4HWO 
5 Jan 2019 

Video Night at Edinburgh Cine

& Video Society, Fettes Row.

Peter Dick GM4DTH
23 Jan 2019

Printed Circuit Board Production

Brian Flynn GM8BJF 
13 Feb 2019

Munros on the Air (MOTA?)

 James Gentles GM4WZP 
27 Feb 2019


13 Mar 2019


27 Mar 2019


10 Apr 2019

Surplus Equipment Sale at St Fillan's Church

Pete Bates GM4BYF


24 Apr 2019

'Writing in Iron'

(Magnetic recording)

Terry Martini-Yates 
3-5 May 2019

RSGB Microwave Trophy Contest at Gatehouse of Fleet

8 May 2019


22 May 2019

D/F Hunt

Peter Dick GM4DTH
12 Jun 2019


Mike Burgess MM0MLB
26 Jun 2019 - TBC

LRS Summer BBQ

Pete Bates GM4BYF
5-7 Jul 2019


at Gatehouse of Fleet

10 Jul 2019

Pub Night 1

at 'Wee' Bennet's Bar

24 Jul 2019

Pub Night 2

at 'Wee' Bennet's Bar

14 Aug 2019

Pub Night 3

at 'Wee' Bennet's Bar

28 Aug 2019

Pub Night 4 

at 'Wee' Bennet's Bar