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The Heriot-Watt University Amateur Radio Society GM3WEE was founded in the late-1960s while your scribe was a student there and became its first secretary. 

The club was greatly supported by Prof. Arthur Bolton GM3BMI (at left in photo below) who provided a complete SSB station - Sommerkamp FR110B / FL200B for the club station on the top floor of the Mountbatten building in the Grassmarket. Also by Prof. Colin W Davidson GM3LAV (SK-2020) of Electrical Engineering.

The Lothians Radio Society ran  a special event station GB3EIF from the GM3WEE shack in the late-1960s.










Antenna work on the roof of the Mountbatten Building in 1978.  Photo - tnx Colin GM4EAU.


Alan Hogg GM8LKL & Ewan Shepherd GM8LLQ (1978).  Photo tnx Gordon GM8MOQ.


L-R: Dave Watters GM8NVE; unknown; Elizabeth Hogg GM8NZL.

Portable on Largo Law in Fife. (1978).  Photo tnx Gordon GM8MOQ.

Alan Hogg GM8LKL, Ewan Shepherd GM8LLQ, Gordon Mathew GM8MOQ.


Gordon Mathew GM8MOQ (1977 photo taken at George Heriot's Radio Club in 1977).