LRS Members James Gentles GM4WZP and Andy Sinclair MM0FMF did an audience brainstorming session on the design of a portable antenna for 13cm.

Members of the LRS again organized the Scottish Microwave Round Table on 3rd November 2018 at the Museum of Communication in Burntisland. This enjoyable event, chaired by Martin Hall GM8IEM, was attended by 34 from all over the UK and there were 19 at the dinner afterwards in the Kingswood Hotel, with an auction by Roger Blackwell GM4PMK.

1. 3cm Beacon Update - David Anderson GM6BIG.

2. NI Beacon Cluster - Gordon Curry GI6ATZ

3. Deep Space Project - John Cooke GM8OTI

4. 13cm SOTA Update - Andy Sinclair MM0FMF

5. Crowd Design of a 13cm Portable Antenna - James Gentles GM4WZP and Andy Sinclair MM0FMF

LRS President Brian Flynn GM8BJF (R) presented the GMRT Construction Trophy to Peter Howson GM8GAX (Alloa) for his reflectometer for 70cm, 23 cm & 13 cm.

Full report with many photos on the GMRT website now.