In this section are listed the Silent Key (Obituary) notices for members and former members of the Lothians Radio Society and other local Radio Amateurs.


David was a prominent member of the Museum of Communication.

He talked to the LRS about aurora in February 2012 (click for report).

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André Saunders GM3VLB of Kelso became a Silent Key on 23rd May 2019, just short of his 81st birthday, after a very active life in Amateur Radio, which is illustrated in this tribute. He founded and administered the SCOTIA award and operated from almost all the Scottish IOTA islands with the support of his XYL Veronica.

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Andre Saunders GM3VLB   (SK) – a short story about amateur radio and a king.

by Colin Murray GM4EAU

This is a short story from the 1970s with a hint of romance, involving a Middle East King and a Scottish radio amateur who had, to quote his own words, “a slightly cheeky” idea to surprise his new wife Anne with a special honeymoon visit.

Andre was an active member of the Lothians Radio Society and details of his interests and exploits are here:

Andre worked overseas as a school teacher with the callsign 5Z4KL operating in Nairobi Kenya from 1970 for about a decade. During this period he was very active on HF bands within the African region and achieved a number of African records. This story starts with his return to Kelso in the UK in 1978. Prior to Nairobi he worked in Geneva.

John Lloyd MacDonald GM4XZN, of Currie, Midlothian became a silent key on 23rd April 2019 at the age of 87. 

After a career as a GPO field engineer, he had been a member of the LRS and Lothians Raynet.