The LRS Spring Surplus Equipment Sale was held on 10th April 2019 at St Fillan's Church, Buckstone. It included the remainder of the GM8BYF-SK silent key items left over from the previous sale, which were sold for club funds.


LRS President Brian Flynn GM8BJF welcomed all present.


There was an attendance of 20 including 2M0VUS, our very welcome regular visitor all the way from Glasgow who said he had enjoyed the evening very much as he struggled out with a large box of purchases. 


Melvyn GM4HYR




Colin GM4HWO, Peter GM4DTH & Andy MM0FMF


'This item may require a little attention'!


' ... and here's a nice mother-board'.


'How about a bag of, er, Junk!'


Norrie GM1CNH.


Peter  GM4DTH ran the raffle for some nice bottles (non-vacuum types)!


And finally a folding trolley to help carry all your heavy purchases out to the car!

'Hmm, I don't think it's big enough' said Colin.